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 Future Day 24h hangout & the Future of EU External Action
picture picture picture 2 Mar 2016 @ 22:08, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday was very exhausting – 24 hours World Future Day. @WorldFutureSoc #FutureDay
This Future Day is the second run this year after another “family reunion” 2 years ago. Check this blog: 2014-03-02: Future Day - Global Challenges for Humanity

For me this date was an absolute must because it is soo hard to stay in touch with old friends worldwide and so exciting to meet new interesting participants.
I recommend to check the Millennium site and wait for a report form Joyce and Claire.
For me talking with JIM DISBROW for hours is really a nugget. With only few people you can cover such
a wide array of subjects to deeply !!
Jerome Glenn (Jerry) mentioned his “T” invitation and definitely it is good to touch base.

Today at the Future of Europe External Action check also:

I introduced myself today as a Journalist with connections since 20+years with the COUNCIL OF GLOBAL ISSUES, the MILLENNIUM PROJECT and the TAGORE EINSTEIN COUNCIL (besides the COMMONS ALLIANCE (UN ECOSOC) but this groups has a new fashionable name, but the ECOSOC definitely are also that long. The THINK TANK meeting with the EU Foreign and Key policy personell meeting with the TOP European THINK TANKERS. Follow the Links and Tweets “Jerry always repeats that he was around left-wing and right wing Think Tanks of the world the last 30+ years – so you see we are getting grey...

I mentioned form the floor my typical question/pitch on the need for linking the SDGs and interstingly the top policy advisors from Burussels and elswhere are on the level to understand – beside all needs and barriers there are abound.

The panelist and the whole conference managed by the DIE had serious issues to deal with, Policy, Security, Growth, Education, Work, …. really the right mix of consultants and advisors and to leave the box towards policy integration and implementation.

check out:
or: [link] and come back !!

I told later Flakenberg a story of Beijing in 1992 ***** – where we met with UN town- and stateplanners and the fate and learninigs form the Project of the Chinese Government to look into long-view & big-picture. But words and concepts were in the way.... I should record it as a video some time soon ! ****


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