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 Diplomancy: CLIMATE, HUMAN and MEDIA / CULTURAL CHANGE - forever - or not?
picture picture picture 13 Dec 2015 @ 17:59, by Heiner Benking

I was silent the last 2 weeks - frozen into anger and agony - and lost in whirlwind of issues on all scales.
Is the final agreement seen now, but also in 20 years, a success?

I for example have my own views on what happened at COP 1 (see 1995) or at the UNCED 1992, or to be more recent COP15 in Copenhagen. Why it created space for thinking "out of the box" and look into "CopenVegan" with the SURVIVAL ACADEMY: [link]

DIPLOMACY -even DIGITAL DIPLOMACY was the theme the last 2 days. Another "high level".... (I checked who is around how many people could be attracted by such an intensive Seminar/Workshop event: [link]
The event is not my "space" but to see who is new and since ever in the field is much of interest. I only make my short introduction-pitch the fist day and was happy to bring some food for thought into the next days events.... stay tuned...

It is good to have since yesterday the UNFCCC COP21 Paris accord, contract, memorandum, agreement,... ?

or check the NYT: [link]
or check CLIMATE & FAITH: [link]
but check also:

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