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 25th Anniversary German Unification - NewThink?
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 3 Oct 2015 @ 04:39, by Heiner Benking

Today Germany celebrates the Union of East of West. This week was full of reflections and memories about the times those days and today is National Holiday. The Reichstag Parlamentary Assembly and the discussion in the lobby were interesting, but nothing is new and in my view we have missed the momentum and have not build on the Enthusiasm we had 20+years ago. I decided not to join the Parlamentarian Part and Culture pure events, but reflect what went wrong and why!
Some of us were "drunken" and "high", Gorbachev and many others repeated "The New Thinking" has arrived, but I was worried about how that new/non dualistic, unifying thinking can last and get into our minds and actions. I mentioned this to Gorbachev when he introduced his new book: DAS NEUE DENKEN with us in Frankfurt, but he could nor get me. The danger is this polit-talk with "Plastik Words" (Pörksen), I tried to highlight the Challenges when giving a keynote at "Jugend Forscht" in Leipzig ***** or and an essays for a book with Rita Süßmuth and Ossip Flechtheim called "playful thinking" - but it was taken out of the book the very last minute ! I will give this to Rita on Monday...
So why has the "New Thinking" been lost on the way? Why the process of the "RUNDE TISCH" Roundtable assembling Betroffene and Beteiligte to the Table. Uhlmann ****
Why has anything progressive and "avant-garde" like the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition been "forgotten", why do we always start anew without basing on pragmatic, solid, experienced, ... Old Thinking and project and morph it with possible New Thinking and "Turns". Why have shared "Robust Paths to Global Stability" - see the Challenges [link], have they been read? / understood!?

We celebrated 25 years GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition exactly on May 30th, also in front of the German Chancellery (see WUNDERKAMMER revisited in this blog) but the people from those days are "not in office" any more.
Some, like Rudolf Seiters [link] are now heading the RED CROSS - or the later Culture StateMinister Bernd Neuman [link] who supported our LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE 1991 [link], and last not least Klaus Töpfer who was also with us at the INTERNATIONAL CORNER Geotechnica and LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE, ...they all remembeed well when I met them laterm, where we were in German about coping with GLOBAL CHANGE chellenges towards embodied, coherent "thinking" - but the drive has been lost and we still do the conventional thinking...

In a Nutshell I see that there was with all the needed "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" "coping with the past" that we forgot that there is a much wider HISTORY and we should not only clear the bad stuff, but widen our Views, Including Positions, Perspectives, Frames, Values,... This was my contribution here last Friday at the Digitaler Salon: Virtual Past [link] of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and there I mentioned the "Digital Peters" GYC 2011 in Geneva with the EARTH FOCUS FOUNDATION. Have a look: [link]

I hear Gürtler, *** and *** now on PHOENIX television and become very concerned... It is about TRUST, COMMON SENSE, AGGRESSION mentally and physically.... When you revisit Baker, Falin, Gorbachev with Raiza, Kohl, Genscher, ... and "lawyers think" which can be very dangerous as we can see..... Genscher remembers Raiza being aware of the Trust Gorbachev gave as a credit - expecting returns ! Gerbachevs NEW THINKING was also NEW ACTING in a progressive, peaceful way !
So again how can we get our thinks and acts together peacefully..

I reference about clan-think and groupthink in MOTHER PELICANs Okt 1st edition with the title: The Human Family in the Anthropocene and there the picture and the editorial essay with focus on ON FINANCE & TECHNOCRACY: [link] Highly recommended !!

Former President von Weizsäcker made the link between being United to Share !!
Or present President Gauck: made the Link between "Zusammenhang und Zusammenhalt" - I citation I used here in 1999 in Culture of Refusal: saying No !! - [link]
and was used by Friedrich Fichte !! see him here on slide 4: [link] in a presentation where Ritter is in the center, and the Humboldts, Schleiermacher, Fichte, Hegel, Hufeland, ... around him !

Possibilities Limmited - Values not to be negotiated
"Possibilities/Resources exhausted"!
Union of Concerned Scientist ***** poster !! in the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition and get very CONCERNED ***** I add here the GOOGLE search as GOOGLE and in particular GOOGLE MAPS is immensely part of the problem mentioned here **** check *********** and Franfurt Bookfair and and ******

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