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 Eulogy: David MacBryde & Mokhtar Yahyaoui and Publixphere
picture picture picture picture picture picture 1 Oct 2015 @ 22:08, by Heiner Benking

What a deep loss and so many positive deep resonnance !

Two brothers passed away, and now!? Where do we go from here?

one was David Macbryde - [link]
the other Mokhtar Yahyaoui
David was for me a master-hub, a virtual, powerful, but for most "invisible, nice, sweet, focussed and humane. I called him yesterday a "back-stage" submarine, helpful and with focus "in the deep". His project VIRTUAL UNITED NATIONS will continue living long after him ! [link]

The other was the Tunisian judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui. He died a week ago, September 22 and so his family has lost a very special father, husband, friend, uncle, ....
see more here: [link]
We had Mokhtar here in Berlin right after the "Spring" and indeed he was a very special brother and friend and I hope some "SEEDS" were shared back and forth over the Mediterranean.... [link] see also the ANNA-LINDH-SALON [link] and other events we did for him at media, academies, foundations, ministries, clubs, ... [link] also when he came again years later...

A Nightmare for me to loose 2 brothers in one week - I see them very close, they have only met briefly - but I will add here soon more on their common urges and work, publicly and wisely in the background. David also masterminded and I hope some youth will pick up on this - maybe for the UNs 70th celebrations.....

That is why I visited "in-between" on the 30th in Berlin and at the end in Schwanewerder the PUBLIXPHERE youth gathering: Highly recommended to revisit the programm, on-line presences and their programme and scope. I was thinking abut an interview with Linnea, their manager, but unfortunately....
but this was not the last event and it has some momentum, when you see ONE europe and some other activities. I felt these Young Europeans might be interested not only VUN (abvove) but what was done about such collaborative sharing "islands" and concepts from the past with some future. Publixphere is about "Liquid", when I prefer "Living" Democracy",[link] but this is difference which can make a difference. Maybe you like YouTube in the high days of OCCUPY "on the matter" at Brandenburg Gate, SPEAKERS CORNER: more recently Sharing and Gifting and Stammtisch 3.0: [link]

The participants of Publixphere in Schwanewerder are ready for the next steps towards "informed decisions", and what we call "multi-track diplomacy and peacemaking" check 21stCenturyAgora [link] eager to see what can be made possible... at BRANDENBURG Gate we had before me GORDEN ASH: about WALLS falling and rising: check this out !!: I mention it in my YouTube above !!

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