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 HIIG Early Stage Researchers & GIKII Welcome to the future… & 40 years BVMW
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Early Stage Researchers Colloquium 2015 and Welcome to the future…
I take as an exception the original text from the website. Goto the original and go deep ! The themes and participants is exceptional and I really enjoy some great exchanges besides....

Yesterday and Today was the annual colloquium wishes to gather early stage researchers (Ph.D. candidates and post-docs) from all disciplines in order to drive forward the discussion on topics in the field of Internet research. The colloquium provides a stage for new perspectives on current issues of Internet and society.
GIKII - Welcome to the future…
The future doesn’t look exactly as we imagined, only a handful of us get to live in space, there are no hoverboards and flying cars, and no jetpack in sight. Disappointment abounds.
But look closely and the future is more interesting than we imagined. You can talk to your computer, and there is a good chance that it will understand you and act on it. A modern pocket calculator has more power than the Apollo 11 computer system. You can talk to your family on video anywhere in the world. Phones are ubiquitous; moreover, they have become true multimedia mini-computers that allow you to make your content available to anyone instantaneously. There are robots in our houses and skies. You can have reasonably affordable portable tablet devices that put to shame anything depicted in Star Trek. You can affordably print designs downloaded from the Internet. And things are just starting to get interesting. We are about to get true virtual and augmented reality, and holograms!
But not everything is nice, with the advances we have fears of Artificial Intelligence wiping out humanity, serious privacy concerns, the fear of economic meltdown and environmental disaster.

Information is where the future lives, and Gikii is the annual conference that thrives in the information world. Since the first edition in 2006, Gikii has been at the forefront of thinking about legal issues well ahead of the curve. We tackled 3D printing before the mainstream. We dissected augmented reality, robots and drones before they were cool. We are the geek lawyers who mash-up popular culture, technology and law. [link]
Just have a look at the sessions to see how "far-out" and "out-of-the-box" these young people are. I find it very challenging and frightening - but I wonder who out-there in the "real world" can get what the sessions below are about: The State of the Art (Future Law) - The Inevitable Failure of Future Law? Emerging Legal Issues in Recent Transatlantic Science Fiction - Digital Golems and Peer-to-Peer Law - Holograms and the law: a multidimensional issue - The Colour of Magic (IP) - Life on other Worlds: Creators and Copyright - The Player of Games (Privacy) - Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things – Not - Live Long and Prosper (Miscellaneous) - The Use of Weapons (Regulation) - Excession (Artificial Intelligence)

Well, "besides" was in the Maritim the celebration of 40 years of the BVMW. What a high level gathering!! of pragmatic and responsible people ! I was very fortunate to sit with an old collegue: Peter Mencke-Glückert [link] Fore me he is one of the foremost people in the world around ENVIRONMENT - PEACE _ JUSTICE - ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ECONOMY - ADMINISTRATION - ETHICS - INTERNATIONAL ...

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