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 FUTURES ready now? Weekend in Berlin?
picture 23 Sep 2015 @ 07:43, by Heiner Benking

Work in grogress

Collegues, this is the second time in 400 blog entries that I make a pre-announcement, partially as we might also like to hang-out before or after Saturday. Some friends wanted to come and their might be still a seat available at Philip Horvaths event on Saturday.

A GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF FUTURE-READY LEADERS meeting next weekend in Berlin !
Here are some objectives:
* Deconstruct old mental models, so that they can see the present clearly and open to a future of possibility.
* Feel empowered to create the future.
* Integrate information from disparate sources so that they can stay on top of what is important.
* Practice using a scalable innovation process, not just a new thinking tool for managing rapid evolution.
* Confidence to lead their team in creating a new future, now.
* Connection to a global community of powerful peers.

Let us see who is available for a kick-off or polish on Saturday evening or Sunday. We do it normally as a brunch in the Casalot. check: Anna-Lindh-Salon

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