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 Humboldt Lab Dahlem - Representation - Always in Crisis?
picture picture 19 Sep 2015 @ 19:20, by Heiner Benking

Again in the Humboldt Lab in Dahlem. See earlier entries in this blog like CURATORIAL STRATEGIES [link] and the final event mid October in Berlin.
The castle is comming and so the days here in Dahlem are counted. But Crisis also Challenge and Chance, so a title Always in Crisis? I can not resist. The subtitle: Questions of Representation in Museum for Non-European Arts and Cultures is a similar magnet for me, so why not stay the whole Saturday?

The participants are as one gentelman from India layed out is and "in-group", all exhibibition, anthropologists, and philosophy people, discussing here the future and fraings of exhibtions typically from abroad, pieces under discussion to be returend to their home countries.

I attend as the diverity of the topics, language, subjects and cultures is close to the problem spaces I am interested in since 20+ years. And I am right, they have similar topics, representation and fidelity, thruth and trust, ontological turns and turs all-over. I shared to some that these problems are not only a curators, but an international cultural and policy issue. Maybe some paricipants will follow some links. I will maintain contact to some of the very interesting panelist

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