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 MACROCOSMI - BERLIN -- BOLOGNA - gallery opening tonight
picture picture 14 Sep 2015 @ 16:09, by Heiner Benking

Eager to attend tonight: MACROCOSMI - A project curated by Pascual Jordan and Martina Cavallarin. From Galerie Gilla Lörcher Contemporary Art: Swiss artist Anna B. Wiesendanger. 21-26 January 2015
CUBO Centro Unipol Bologna presents MACROCOSMI – Pattern of another order, in collaboration with the Forum der Kulturen and curated by Martina Cavallarin and Pascual Jordan. It is a project for several voices moving in the international space of Contemporary art, along an axis of creativity connecting Bologna to Berlin and vice versa, on the occasion of the 39th edition of the January art fair, artefiera Bologna, and in compliance with the Institutional Project artCItY.

The MACROCOSMI project creates an artistic and intellectual debate among authors and artists interested in the investigation of the transient, of the unstable, namely of those “Pattern of another order” which are increasingly blurred, never fixed, always in constant transformation, just like contemporary society. In short: different points of view, perspectives that are constantly changing, systems that are not static, but full of variables thanks to the vision and imagination offered by the artwork.
CuBO spazio arte triggers, in a domino effect, the relationship between art and City, in a dialogue between people and urban areas involving the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, the Berlin association ngbK (neue gesellschaft für bildende Kunst), and teatri di vita, as well as prestigious Bolognese galleries involved in a two-way artistic exchange. Acomparison to explore similarities and differences between Italian and german artists.MACROCOSMI is under the patronage of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Rome and the patronage of the Italian embassy in Berlin during the Berlin Art Week with the support of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Land of Berlin.
MACROCOSMI is also hosted by private Bolognese and Berliner spaces, theatre of cultural and intellectual dialogue between artists who have varied poetic codes and distant processuality, but whose works are constantly based on relationship and growth. therefore, the following Bolognese galleries will open their doors to the Pattern of another order: l’arIeteartecontemporanea, adiacenze, galleria testoni, Contemporary Concept artgallery, galleria studio g7 and associazione duepuntilab. On the other side of the alps, MaCrOCOsMI will be hosted by the ngbK cultural association and by relevant Berlin galleries, such as: galerie grundemark-nilsson, janinebeangallery, galerie Jordan-seydoux, Galerie Gilla Lörcher | Contemporary Art, Werkstattgalerie Berlin. check for more: [link]

Personal impression will follow.....

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