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 Visions 2030. Authors and Scientists on the Future of Cities
picture picture picture 12 Sep 2015 @ 21:28, by Heiner Benking

Since Thursday till September 18th Literature Festival is on there the CITY OF THE FUTURE
The Festival startet with a conversation by Liao Yiwu and Ai Weiwei in the Berlin Philharmonie, but for this check the special feature and full programme: [link]

Today were great sessions on Mumbai and other Large Cities in the world, Buenos Aires, Beijing, ... interesting, challenging, daunting, ....
I contributed form the floor only in the session about towns and challenges in China. I will add here - but need some time as my words have to be weighted carefully....
as size, scales, proportions and consequences are delicate measures and terms and they depend on the positions, perspectives, frames, expectations and intentions involved. Quite a theme for Literature...

By the way I asked Omar Akbahr how the thinking and experience of Doxiadis and his Ekistics are part of the reflections of this VISIONS 2030. He was very alert as he studied Doxiadis at TU-berlin, but declined sadly that this is not "on" these days". I promised to share this link, also for Omar: It is Part III of a series of Interviews with Dinos – Constantinos Doxiadis on NBC:

My personal this is on "how to intervene in systems" - and for this we need "pointers". I try it in a "birds eye" orientation/overview macroscopic mode. Maybe check: Anthony Judge - who perceived some "reminiscence":

Please come back and maybe now check the general information.

Within the framework of Science Year 2015 »Zukunftsstadt« (City of the Future), the ilb will present its programme »Visions 2030. Authors and Scientists on the Future of Cities«. Twelve international authors will discuss their texts exclusively written for the festival with twelve scientists from different disciplines. The kaleidoscope of future visions of the city will be complemented by the series »Talks of the city«. The authors Kevin Barry [Ireland], Mircea Cărtărescu [Romania], María Sonia Cristoff [Argentina], Roddy Doyle [Ireland], Sónia Gomes [Angola], Helon Habila [Nigeria/ USA], Rawi Hage [Lebanon/ Canada], Perihan Mağden [Turkey], Suketu Mehta [India/ USA], Laura Restrepo [Colombia/ Spain] and Boualem Sansal [Algeria] will be participating in this programme. They will debate with the following scientists: Zeynep Aygen [Turkey], Sonja Beeck [GER], Angelika Fitz [A], Adam Greenfield [USA], Martina Löw [GER], Hildegard Matthies [GER], Philipp Misselwitz [GER], Stephan Rammler [GER], Helmut Rechberger [A], Stefan Schurig [GER], Mark Shepard [USA] und Jasmin Wiefek [GER].

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