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 EduCamp: Digital Turn Wake-up call: What is the next
picture picture picture 5 Sep 2015 @ 12:59, by Heiner Benking

its already the second day today we have an EduCamp Barcamp today as a pre-event. A barcamp is something like an open-space, but a little "taylorized" and lacking the market-place ! Well there is always a compromise in live and facilitation, ....
But these CAMPS are successful, and ongoing, the 15th Educamp this week here in Berlin and with exciting topics and good and diverse participants. So good to check-in, maybe even come ! or just observe on- or offline.

Check the Higher Education events next week and more: [link] and there for example: ”Open educational ideas and innovations (OEI2)” day starting Monday. [more blog] [link] - see also my blog Sept 1st.:

The venue of the ECRP is part of the oldest Business School worldwide - originally from 1819 and in some locations in Europe - check the websites and history of the School.

My first session is on sharing and gifting of time, the second on vocational training, and now on Leadership in Digital Education Environments !! I spoke already with Ebba from Lund; Sveden this morning and will see her on Monday - see links and reports.

But I came for my Pecha Kucha pitch tonight, see announcement mentioned above Sept. 1 In a moment I will post my slides and you can see the Pitches online this evening as life streaming videos.... Weckruf: Was ist der nächste “Turn”? WAKE-UP CALL: "what is the next "Turn"?
Here a short URL: digiturn

At 8 PM I did my 6 minutes "FAST_FAST" presentation. But my think-thing is also DEEP_DEEP and COLOURFUL_COLOURFUL.
.... Check below [more]

At 8 PM I did my 6 minutes "FAST_FAST" presentation. But my think-thing is also DEEP_DEEP and COLOURFUL_COLOURFUL. Check the audios and video later. Here is the PDF of my slides. description
A moment ago I promised, like in Herrenhausen to redo it with at least one minute per slide, and additionally a short YouTube clip, 5-10 minutes per slide, so you have the needed depth to really go into the mud of a garage or workshop. Some of you might remember that an image can tell 10.000 words, and 10.000 miles = 10.000 books. Check: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Datenpräsentation durch Computergrafik im Umweltbereich
So there is some content for future Education Videos like YouTube - BILDUNGSFERNSEHEN !! - by the way this was the best of the PECHA KUCHA "pitches" this evening !!! check it out !! It was by a professor from Bremen *****'

Tomorrow I will offer a session to take some minutes per slide and maybe do it in English, as most of the slides are in English anyway.....
HERE is the record from Sunday 11:00 AM: I called it: Next "Turn"? a re-run (in English. See the video, notes and more...:
The "opening video" was on Sharing and Gifting, dialog culture, what we did for the Entrepreneurship Summit to introduce the Open-Forum Open-Spaces:

Good Night and good Luck !! stay tuned & come back ....
or maybe check some "stuff" when you can not resist:
check TURNS and TURFS and this GLOBAL FUTURE -EDUCAMP 2009 event (it is like a deja vu: Zusammenhang, Zusammenhalt und Zurechtfinden in modernen, globalen und medialen Zeiten, Kulturen und Welten [link]

and in the DENKEREI in Berlin: [link]
or as we discussed aesthetical and not just ethical, performative and cultural "turns", go to a very special event we did at Humboldt University some years ago: "New Rennaissance 3" (2009) [link]

On MONDAY all is about OER - I promised this link to some of you:
Open Educational Resources - OER [link]

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