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picture picture picture picture 1 Sep 2015 @ 19:32, by Heiner Benking

Friday a full week on education and media, Check "digital turn". [link]
here are some more links for tweeting and [link]

THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS - and a fist time, as after 400 entries in this blog over the years, I will not report the "as was" - but my way towards the next event, even maybe inviting for some side-events, maybe here...: General Thinkers events.

I am presenting on Saturday in a Pecha Kucha: I presently have only slides in English - and every minute and word counts in a "pitch" - I have to polish the content and my German..... (But here are some slides from 4 weeks ago: Herrenhausen It was for another topic and audience, but you get the idea - at least of a few of my 6 minutes (on the mountain top "sticking my neck out"...

One of my concern is how to integrate not only my work on knowledge architectures and how you find something beyond words and "proper" spelling in different cultures and languages, but focus on the step before ! Deliberation and dialogue. pls check the Magic Roundtable time credit encouraging listening, harvesting and becoming aware of attention, interest and potential of what is said and how it can be put into action. Check OPEN-FORUM - Magic Roundtables
and the Structured Dialogic Design method where you do influence voting and looking for deep drivers and leverage points, check Multi-track Deliberations, Diplomacy and Peacemaking

One of the first sessions I want to use to look into SHARING _ CARING _ DARING _ GIFTING - check the programme tomorrow !

My preliminary title for Saturday evening is: WECKRUF: Was kommt als nächster "Turn"? It is about technological, scientific, societal, cultural "turns" and I will ask who is at the bridge, and if there are maps and directions ..... for future Education, Media, Policymaking, and more....

enjoy and keep in touch as I will update during the next days... <>


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