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 IFA - Official Partner of the Future & Future: Framework, Fantasy or Fate?
picture picture 27 Aug 2015 @ 13:11, by Heiner Benking

today I attended the IFA pre-press-event to see what the "Partner of the Future" has in store and in the evening join again a meet-up, this time with an exciting title: Future: Framework, Fantasy or Fate?

In both cases I remember that there is no Future !! There is only the plural,futures! and we have to design these futures !!
Hearing here at the IFA: <<"Design is the Product" - Das Design ist das Produkt" - "Successful Business Models are well designed" - Erfolgreiche Geschäftsmodelle sind gut gestaltet>> makes me wonder. I know about funtions, features, benefits as we called FFB long ago, maybe also add design. But such oversimplifications look very misleading, and when we hear that 30% exchange a functioning product with a product with a little more energy efficiency, ignoring the life-cycle of the product and even Cradle to Cradle - C2C or murks. Maybe Futures are more and more intangible and unreliable? eras of manipulations, deceptions and marketing hype (words without meaning and clear context/referents. See the German word Plastic Words: Worthülsen .....

DIGITAL TURN - some thoughts...
I am in the middle of preparing a "pitch" in an "edu pecha kucha" event next week. That is why I wonder about the digital-hype. I recall the "canyon of coded and non-coded data" and what people thought around digital Futures - 30 years ago, earlier and after that time: photokina 1985 (digial photography), WCGA 1985 (infographics), ...

see more in the making - check below:

So let us check

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