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picture picture 25 Aug 2015 @ 11:56, by Heiner Benking

I am attending the press-open parts of the week for foreign representations of Germany overseas. Not only to meet some old and new people, and get latest trends, but to check out the very special title of this years event.

Order/Frames, Design/Gestaltung and not only Chaos and Crisis, are very central in this blog. Check the website [link] the conference [link] - and the opening by Steinmeier [link]

I am presently preparing a Pecha Kucha "pitch" the focus on Order, Turns, Media, Education,... for next week.
Chaos/Crisis - Order/Frames - Gestaltung/Design: You see the spectrum of meaning [link], the spaces between the words and concepts. Maybe check in this blog: [link]
and come back, I will add the link here: ****

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