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 Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015 - Current State and Futures
picture picture 7 Jul 2015 @ 12:36, by Heiner Benking

There is a big question mark around the Symposium: SPP 1689 Climate Engineering Research Conference [link] going on until Friday July 7-10 in the German Academy of Sciences BBAW: [link] see also News on the topic: [link]

We will have a week to prepare for next weeks policy sessions and what kind of new research and action should be pushed with highest priority. They are talking here about "negative emissions" when people in the street might better understand "storage" and propose "vapourware" futures. I will CC Jerome and the Millennium Project next to see what is really "in the air" or future research policies, and how safe and reliable the schemes presented here are....

Me I feel we should go onto Natural Carbon Storage, discuss what kind of "carbon" we are talking about, ....
We proposed projects around our UN-ECOSOC efforts [link]
long ago. Solutions like Terra Preta/BioChar, another solution is presented here by the ReefFormers ....(PDF) [link]
a project I covered earlier: in Kiel OCEAN FUTURES: [link] and Sofia Blue and Smart: [link]

The quality and variety of the symposium participants is great and there is lots of talk about "slippery slopes", free drivers and riders, .... you see, participants taking perspectives, positions, scales, proportions, consequences, ... and are very concerned enough to hide it and transcend....

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