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 POWER & UNITY - TOPOI: Ancient Identities and Modern Identification
picture picture 20 Jun 2015 @ 20:28, by Heiner Benking

I was Thursday - Friday focused on CULTURE_POWER_UNITY? the annual conference of our Federal Political Education (bpb)-programme and Culture-Politics Society with the title: Culture Politics and Transformation Politics. I like the social breaks and evening ! but the highlight for me was the podium discussions about researching living things, communities, societies, ... who can object and have resentiments about the purpose, verbiage, scope, relevance,... very controversial was the introducgtion of Heinz Bude who had researched for years and 3 Million Euro the "development" of a town: Wittenberg. Thanks to the organizers to bring disagreement to the public, as only so I hope we can learn !! how we research, present, display, summarize and evaluate and how this is received differently, depending on your position and expectations/assumptions.

and there I am close to a very central theme of mine: Identity, Identification, Representation and that in a research cluster about Anthropology, History, Cultures in combination with Knowledge and Identity and to even top this, reflecting about ways to present and highlight/neglect and even use images and maps. You understand - I could not resist to join in for various sessions and even asked from the floor. Well received, even understood to some degree, hopeful I will return to this TOPOI event: ANCIENT IDENTITIES AND MODERN IDENTIFICATION - SPACE, KNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENTATION exercise of the excellence cluster with focus IDENTITIES ! The Formation and Transformation of Space and Knowledge in Ancient Civilizations
more to come...

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