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picture picture picture picture picture 2 Jun 2015 @ 22:47, by Heiner Benking

The last 5 days of the Wunderkammer exercising are really thrilling, so much to learn, explain, construct, deliberate, reconcider and reframe.

TODAY (unfortunately this is published still on June 2nd)
is the HIGHLIGHT of our WUNDERKAMMER exercise around the SUSTAINABILITY ACTIONS needed. So check June 3rd please.

But before I cover the Sustainability Council (NACHHALTIGKEITSRAT) [link] Annual Symposium, Gathering, Deliberations, Workshops, lectures, Keynotes, ... we will see ...and the ACTIONS -like ours here this week: [link]
let me go to another track, another paralleldiscussion I got entangeled in while searching for our "Wunder revisited": A discussion in a SYSTEMS LikedIn thread: about this question:
Christopher Alexander's "design patterns", "pattern languages" and "living systems" summarized in the book "Pattern Theory". Is "pattern theory" a subdivision of systems theory or something separate? after a lot of contributions I added the below as I feel it fits perfectly to my world of thinking the last ACTION week:

I wrote: I feel we need to reconcile, general systems theory and general models theory, and a patterns language is one piece of a menue of actions and constructions, designs and co-creative multi-modal procedures needed. I fully reconcile with the work of Christopher Alexander since I learned about it at the Ulm School of Design in the early 90ies. [link]
Architects can help out as they can bring together the exact and fine arts (painting and sculpturing, architecture and astronomy) as you can find in as a root painting in Sanssouci, Potsdam). But architecture has no panacea to offer, and there is no quick fix!
It needs work to be done, compromises to find, failing and getting up. Part and Parcel of what I feel are needed are multi-modal, concrete, contextual, embodied and co-creative and co-laborative solutions. Definitely using patterns and follow and supperted across scales !
I have just cited in my blog: [link]

Scale is more than size
it is size with proportions and consequences
when proportions are no longer in harmony,
or consequences are unanticipated,
we have a problem of scale. A. Buzacott

This is exactly what our key-concepts were in Schwanewerder and Hofgeismar about: Responsibility, Space, Time, Size, Frames, Streit,.... 1993 - 2015 - little changed - so little progress and such dangerous trends and challenges.....

My 5 cents here:
We need more than the Architectural thinking of Chr. Alexander, I would add Planning thinking (Carl Ritter, Doxiadis, Jantsch) Model thinking (Herbert Stachowiak, et al) Arts and Sciences and other exact and fine vague and concrete approaches. Helmut, I think your question is right on, Pattern Languages and Harmonization, not Standardization only, or worst, NOT !! Homogenization !! are to be also part of the recipe.
I am still struggling with this translation: maybe we can discuss or find someone to help finding words? As we need multi-cultural diversity, and multi-modal approaches: all designs, all signs and symbols, pictures and scaffoldings,… we can get !
Maybe there is time in Berlin at the ISSS - or the week after the ISSS !!??, to have an open working group! See you there !
ooops I forgot this link to the text from 2009 needing proper wordsmithing: House of Eyes: [link] - we did a lot in German around Post-Materialism: Skizzen für Weltbilder und Welthäuser - Haus-Aufgaben zum Thema Weltbetrachtung und Naturverständnis [link] But it is hard to find the appealing new words and models for new concepts and constructions, which include and build on old concepts and designs. When we have created one, in need, for real, by accident, it needs 25 years to have other "disciplines like "social and political studies" to take notice ! - so we need more attention to incorporate the "other", the alien, beyond the need to agree....
My example from March 2015 is: “The GLocal and Global Studies” in Globalization 15 – you can obtain a free download of the article from [link]
As you can see an embodied, metaphoric story, design and construction, negotiated jointly !!!, might be helpful ! Christopher Alexander is one of my "heros" here, fully on the same level, as Jantsch, Oezbekhan, Warfield, Doxiadis, ... and definitely I have missed a lot deep thinkers and doers... Still rushing ...

So let us see what Chancelor Angela Merkel has in store for us ....
I hope I can ask her in the Press Conference why she is not pround of the GLOBAL CHANGE efforts in the German Chancellery 25 years ago ! - Stay tuned...

PS: I just received this quote: so please help me and others to find the proper "mix":

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. .. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill

Still following this blog? check what I just received: MODES OF EXLANATION [link]

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