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One of the most interesting conferences - when it comes to dialog, exchange and deliberations: Große Transformation und ihre Kommunikation - Ein Change-Prozess im Schatten der Medien

note for the WUNDERKAMMERN Nachhaltigkeits Actions follow-up: We proceed today not at INBAK Souterrain, but in Schwanenwerder as we still have our WUNDERKAMMERN revisited event today - and I decided to not only do our evening workshop - but merge it into the SCHWANENWERDER CONFERENCE. STAY TUNED.

One Example of Media Coverage is the Coverage of the new Club of Rome report, which was introduced in Berlin last week ! For me unfortunately "little news" but nevertheless what MARTIN writes is all true, relevant, urgent, .... but little news when we look into our 25th and 45th Anniversary this week.

Nevertheless check our German television from last night: ttt - titel thesen temperamente goto the Mediathek !! Endspiel am Amazonas – Ein Aufruf zur Rettung tropischer Regenwälder

Schwanewerder is one of my favorite places and with good-sad memories of my efforts around the Protestant Church activities 1993 in memory of HANS JONAS's 100th Geburtstag in Hofgeismar and Robert JUNGK's WATER - SOURCES OF CREATION, Churchday in Munich 1993 makes we look again back into how mcuh was known and tried 20 years ago - and how little, if anything substantial at all, was achieved the last 22 years....

Central for me is what we said at Bobs's 100th in memoriam last year in Berlin: YESTERDAY IS TODAY
I sometimes personally feel VERY priviledged ! We have QUALITY public television. Not just ARTE, Alpha,... unfortunately not available in some countries... But as currently in television WELTSPIEGEL is "on air" re SILICON VALLEY and Y, incubators, and SINGULARITY.... I am touched and moved - this incubators we called in the early 70ies the EXPLORATORIUM (as originally conceived by Kückelhaus at the EXPO in Montreal) is now getting after 40years onto a new level. Possibilities without Responsibilities... specially in view of the fate of the OTA in Washington - OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT - as I have covered here: EUROPE WORLD. The right topic for our Schwanewerder exercise today !!! RESPONSIBILITY with SPACE, TIME, and CULTURES, MEDIA, FUTURES horizon....


We just had the discussion that Brundtland and Our Common Future did not mention MAN - MANKIND - HUMANS appropriately - have "forgotten" ... this is the same like in the Thematic Navigation of the Academy above. "No Environment" !? So the Protestants exclude the "Environment"?
What silly concerns, but they can help us to come to common frames. I will mention today the Intersectoral Strategic Dilemma as tabled before for Rio 92.
We need such deep "scaffoldings" (MANY WUNDERKAMMERN!?) to help see what is missing so we do not forget "Soils" as Klaus Töpfer said recently at is 3rd Soil Week...
Same is this unfortunate discussion if the environment has a Right in our constitutions, or if the Environment should be an Organisation, not only a programe, in the UN system.
Issues, Problems, Goals, ... to not fit into our boxes, and as long that we do not understand that our Live, living things, the environment is not only a sector or discipline, we are doomed to failure of not tackling the root questions and mindprint conceptualization and communications. Warfield wrote about Warfield wrote about mind-bugs and mind-boggles....

Churches or better the Council of Churches and others in reality care very much about the nexus in-between and perplexing issues, like: POVERTY REDUCTION AND ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE. check for some approaches: "Connecting Dots and Spaces"

I just learned Alfred Neven DuMont died .... Another eulogy needs to be written...

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