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 kick-off of Wunderkammern Action & 25th GLocal Change before the Chancellery
picture picture picture 30 May 2015 @ 13:36, by Heiner Benking

Welcome to join us this afternoon in front of the German Chancellery. As I believe in time and procedures/rituals we will celebrate or should we better say help remember the GLOBAL CHANGE - Challenges to Science and Politics exhibition opening exactly 18:00 hrs 25 years ago. We also have more to revisit so come back and join in... [link]

After receiving 2 email explaining why neither the Press, not an "expert" if he is not on the invitation list can enter to the opening of the new NACHHALTIGKEITS exhibition I checked if there are other ways to "gate-crash" - but as the Anniversary is today, we can only look back, subsume, resonate and compare with the "new" exhibition later.

So let us "kick-off" now the next days of exercises, actions, workshops, and happenings.... and maybe check us in teh German Chancellery event last year: [link]

now is time chill out and prepare the next 4 days ! WE COVERED our anniversary from 17:30 - 18:00 so EXACTLY the hot time 15 years ago. Back to INBAK and PNW office, so the HAUPTBAHNHOF was greeting us in time after ""a different"" "mission accomplished".
Wait for further documentations and some video editing.... and come back....

maybe see "The Chamber of Wonder" and how we can translate to old & new other times, tangible and so they matter - and help us reach "shared terrains of negotiations and understandings" ...

MORE TO COME ... maybe if you have the time or curiosity check WHEELS and WOVA: around [link]


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