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 What after Climate Dialogues ? - Again Global Change Dialogues one day ??
picture picture picture 20 May 2015 @ 17:37, by Heiner Benking

2 days we had here in Berlin - May 18-19 - the Petersberg Climate Dialogue VI
"Reaching for the Paris outcome"
[link] see November in Paris: [link]
see also: [link]
backgroundpaper: [link] and

I must say, media waiting in their slots for the Press Conferences and maybe an interview, but the rest is gated - not really what I am up to any more after 30+years ...

It was good to see out Chancellor Angela Merkel a little changed after the the COP in Berlin in 1995. 20 years ago, but was there some other news?, good news? I wonder.
Angela was not around when we had the opening of the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition in the German Chancellery 20 years ago. May 30, 1990. We did not talk about Climate Change, but about all the "changes, short and long term, across scales and sectors. We talked about the system earth, life-styles, and the nexus between all the issues. Some of us aware about the Problematique [link] as laid out by Hassan Oezbekhan in the late 60ies.
see also: [link]

Nowadays it look like defining some targets, some goals and "numbers" is enough! I strongly object and wonder if not solutions looking for the leverage points, the little triggers which might be really "smart".
I feel after all this talk by Merkel and Hollande, that we are waiting for the "silver bullet" reduce the tons of CO2 and all is solved.....

What an ignorance and dream world....

25 years ago, May 30th, we had the opening of the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition, its subtitle was "Challenges to Science and Politics" but what has been learned since then? Did we make progress? Did we learn to come to grids? Or is our Worldview to Flat" [link] as I wrote in 1993, or a year later that the needed result / expectation after Rio'92 was to come to "Common Frames of References" [link]
But as some alerts around the UN and ECOSOC have been lost in the wind the last 20+ years (for example: [link] ) I feel it is time to revisit some old documents, exhibitions, reports and some discussions around going beyond bracketing to deliberation. I mean here to take issues and find deep drivers, go to influence voting instead of shopping on a menue....

I am angry now, but maybe a good impulse to put my thoughts together for May 30th, the the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition [link] started its tour around Germany for some years. What have we understood, learned? can we learn? or do we follow our mind-bugs and group-think? fiddling in the dark? Always waiting for another COP or Summit? instead of getting our wits and acts together?

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