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 Liberty and Justice & Hannover CeBIT 2015 & FUTURES Bürgerdialog 2015
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For the Fischer Centenary we had cross the lobby of the Humboldt-University, overcrowded, the kick-off of the European Students For Liberty Conference | ESFLC2015. [link] #openborders #ESFL2015

Libertarianism, Objectivim, “Prohibitism”, .... many "isms" are in the publications and in the hall-ways and I am alerted as you might have seen figuer abot the “isms” and how they need to be seen together in context. ******* One eyed – or with one “ism” such positions are in danger to become weapons to protect and defend. Maybe I am too alerted in view of all the fundamentalisms.
Here you find people who speak up for liberty and rights. Good names and strange names and organizations all under one umbrella.
Great speakers like the Danish Journalist and Mohammad cartoon publisher Flemming Rose with lots of security needed, Finance gurus, and politicians abound, and an interesting width of participants, activists, students, … like you find here around the German FDP party.
They invited the best debating team to Berlin and I spoke with some of them about the quality and what after the “pitch” - can it be done in a circle or only with some coaching with experienced trainers. They liked the MAGIC ROUNDTABLE – and I showed to some how this was done for example here: **** Maybe we come to learning and harvesting in groups and learning more about the “other” perspective....

The last keynote and finish was by TOM G. PALMER *** -his books have been everywhere for free ! and he brought interesting books from others and showed some roots and reflections. We need to check was can be practically used and helps to go beyond fundamentalism and worse.... *****

I observe the earnesty and eagerness, but also the fixation against any kind of frames or rule or government. I have my reservations even when I can understand individual positions.... Like always. Last night we were active online with some systems people about Climate and the Messages of the Club of Rome and how Contrarians and Doomsday Messengers, say call it alarmists, have not learned from each other the last 40 years, frightening. Check the discussion in THE GUARDIAN and around the Systems People: Limits to Growth was right? or just scare mongering? my little concerens from tonight... 1-2-3 deep concerns.

I feel it is bad when people follow their favourite “ism” and not hear the situations, contexts, frames, values from the other side of the street and think black-white boxes - even when they sound appealing like Growth or non Growth Decay/Death ***-- Perestroika etc****


this is the CeBIT week and Factory 4.0 - stay tuned ... Merkel urged to not forget Standardization in her opening speech. I wonder when she speaks about OPEN what her team checked about Harmonization **** and its "roots and wings"... ***



BUT LAST NOT LEAST: Bürgerdialog 2015 and: 2
is in-between, already back in BERLIN for the Citizens Dialogues
check also:
and the online broadcasts: [link]

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