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 Herbert Fischer - Centenary celebration: Weltgeist - Zeitgeist and Raw-Model
picture 10 Apr 2015 @ 19:56, by Heiner Benking

Rushing home from Humboldt University - 100 years celebration of our late honorary president and ambassador not only of the TAGORE EINSTEIN COUNCIL: [link] Herbert Fischer, [link]
Here is the invitation of the TAGORE EINSTEIN COUNCIL: [link]

I can not find anything in WIKIPEDIA in English: ****
Ever heard about HERBERT FISCHER!?? - Wikipedia is poor ! even wen he was more than a raw model - something we should learn and use for the education of our Youth, Cultural deep understanding, decency and humility and giving examples, and policy and governance today. We talked about MAHATMA, Albert Schweitzer, ..... and and ..
WIKIPEDEA is really poor - but so is GOOGLE. I learned today that they consider rating by truth and relevance, not my hits or links as the original "design" for ranking. The old question of quality and esteem, versus quantity and noise.... BUT THAT IS ANOTHER STORY....

I have lasting images from meeting AMBASSADOR FISCHER in his home, a unique, one-time deep and intense encounter before he died. We came very fast from Education: Comenius, Ethics: Jonas, to Herrnhuter Brüdergemeinde Unitas Fratrum [link], Quakers, Life Reform = German Life Reform League - see Lebensreform, [link] Humboldt University, Rudolf Bahro, .... to Planning, Agriculture and Development, and then suddenly where around Gandhi and Siu, Dukkha and Sukkha !! an incredible tour de raison.....
Fischer is for me on the same level as Robert Jungk, Hans Jonas, Ralph Siu, Herbert Stachowiak, Alfred Schinz, ...
I could not resist, being moved to give my "time-witness - story" about how I encountered and learned or got "food-for-thought" from him. But first it was his attention and presence, well packed questioning connected with deep practical experience.

THE STORY of my statement should be added here a.s.a.p. - I need to transcribe what I have said. As our conversation over maybe 3 hours years ago was vivid like yesterday and it explained fragments by the other "accounts" building a solid architecture of his life as model not only with GANDHI and TAGORE !! - His eldest son later joked with me about "EPISODES", "ETAPPES", and "EPOCHES" in his live ! I was very moved ! I WILL ADD IT UNDER "MORE" below !!

Fischers son summed it up by saying that the essence was "WEITER SEHEN" - seeing beyond - and later it was mentioned that he had a "Jahrhundert Blick".
I had studied much the time of Gandhi in South Africa, the Tolstoy Farm and also Tagores interest in it, but also how extremely different positions found to honour and respect each other, even helping ... the "other".
check these links about the sources of HOLISM***** and our WHOLENESS seminar around the ISSS: [link]
I mean here the relation of J.C.Smuts and Mahatma Gandhi, the times in South Africa and stories that such extraordinary people had a broader and more tangible and deeper approach as we find it typically today, beside all the "noise we know" - and that people those days were closer to Life and Survival, Curiosity and Demut. (Humility-Decency).
Check also: Big Data, Big Noise from 2012 here: and the collection with Reynaldo Treviño Cisneros:

MOVING FOR ME was the authenticity and level of people in a small circle who have met him and got inspired by him. I was very moved and present this entry here as I feel he was with GANDHI and a Diplomat on very interesting levels in different times. What his colleges, friends, pupils, kids, ... said this afternoon was really moving.

So many people in this small circle of maybe 40 people I have met, some maybe even 25 years ago, and it really felt like a family of decency in "reunion".
THANK YOU !! Sunil Sen Gupta !!
- there was something in such people I had the honor to meet and learn from, even when the time was very brief...

I just decided to: I decided to revisit my Robert Jungk "TIME WITNESS" account: See Yesterday is Today ! - Robert Jungk 100th - Was he a Nerd or Hub !? and Robert Jungk 80th and 100th - Big Questions but still Signs of Hope

Sooo much is known and time has passed quickly - and so the citation I noted during our session how he was "right" with his statement: "Unzählig die Bücher, groß das Wissen, kurz die Zeit" = "Unlimmited number of books, much knowledge, short the time"

I would add: no awareness and tangible concepts for the time we use and steal.... misuse and waist.... or the old "data numbers explode, knowledge and wisdom disapear"...

We had mentioned: "The Art of Governance - Panetics" [link] - came again and again into mind.. see "or Speakers Bureau": [link] and what we did GANDHI Society was one of the key movers 20 years ago AFRICA BEYOND POVERTY.... The Robust Paths have been published widely: [link] but more importantly (I feel now) the OPTICS OF ETHICS never hit the streets: [link] and [link]
The son of our conference president: ODERA ORUKA - his name is Peter, has just send this from the 2013 memory symposium: ODERA ORUKA and his Sagacious Knowledge and the Mastermind behind these Futures projects: Pentii Malaska should join the list of persons mentioned above !!

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