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The Symposium in Kiel is a gathering of scientists and practitioners concerned with sustainable ocean development. 150 participants from 24 countries and with a wide array of backgrounds, unique in variety in such a broad "subject area" - See SIGs vs, GIGs in the "side bar". Early career scientists and established experts from a broad range of disciplines, policy, academia, administrations, .... exchange their views on: Ocean sustainability, ocean conservation, ocean resources, ocean governance and outreach & arts. [link] and FUTURE OCEAN [link]
I was attracted by so many new names and the "elders", some in the "business" since 30+ years, and some from "odd" fields like ethics, games, international research and governance, or around climate or whatever policy making....

Come back, see [More] below.

Come back, I will hang around tomorrow to share some of my concerns and findings, and whyt is new and different. Well you know my concern for "old" and "new" as we have collected for the OWG around the MDG and SDG discussions last year and part of the present negotiations... Rushing, this in my email signature on the matter: ​Commons Caucus/Alliance to HofS ... (UN_ECOSOC) ... September 2014 (general) [link] and for example October 2014 (SustEducation UNESCO-Nagoya [link]


Great surprise...
the second day evening the award session got really exciting. I was not only around to check-out and cover the Reefformers project but get to know the 2 students doing a poster session, but the very architecture student from the Netherlands won together with another poster from Romania the BEST POSTER award. Check out the links above, other blogs like the: Ocean Sustainability Science Symposium 2015: Identifying future tasks and questions . and come back maybe next week ! Meanwhile check the Reefformers facebook page:
and the reefformers concept page: [link]

As it was possible to have the Reefformers reps from the University Eindhoven and Technical University Darmstadt to come to Berlin so we can dig a little deeper..... and do this interviews thanks to Stefan ! see VIMEO videos: filmingforchange: and there: Conni & Vili.
The interviews went on and on. Videos and more will be online later... I am really thrilled how young students rocked the boat and responded to all this "basic" and "scientific" Q&A's in Kiel. CU HEiner


We shared the YouTube Madrigal Sea Video Part2 [link] Part3 [link]
I need to add here more about this project from 1993 ..... about The Challenge of the MADRIGAL SEA - A Coastal Sea in Trouble, as presented at the EMECS 1993 - Maryland Sea Grant College. Maybe check also 2 years later the UN Climate Summit 1995, Berlin: EARTH IN TROUBLE: [link] - well maybe goto SLIDESHARE - to have a better, topdown access: [link]

MORE LATER ***** I was busy around UNEP and the Bank those days and attended on an invitation through the RSA the MADRIGAL SEA: in Baltimore and Philadelphia, a performative stage happening, maybe role play and drama to make people confront issues they have experienced and tend to ignore...
The event where everybody who has participated is weeping still full of laughter and Lynton invited some of us to his "Is Humanity destined...?" [link] for his 90th birthday volume.... My answer was another answer and a proposal "Show or Schau?" [link]
THE Madrigal Sea was later presented at the EARTH FOCUS FOUNDATION in Geneva: GLOBAL YOUTH CONFERENCE (GYC 2011) those days called th BELLERIVE FOUNDATION...
Check slide 8&9 at [link]
Maybe you also check the GYC 2012 gearing to "bend the trend" at Rio 20: [link]

We struggeled at the GYC to have a digital copy and how to share it. So many lessons since 25 or 10 years ago did get lost as there s a copyright ! and even all is in "public grants" for "common goods" and "GLocal Commons" we still have problems sharing it. !!!

When uploading the video I showed in Kiel and elsewhere onto YouTube I ran into "copy-right" questions. The theme at the end seems to be "individual protected right" and the producers 22 years ago where not aware that a COMMON as a whole is COPYRIGHT protected when only one sound is not.

As you can see, again dee, shallow waters and shifting sands, "subkhas" = dangerous waters under the sands,,,,, I will pursue the issue of public awareness and early warning systems * plus educated, informed, wise and practical guesses elsewhere... BUT maybe we have access soon to the uploaded MADRIGAL SEA video !! here they are: !!! [link]
Well it took some time since 2010 - as the video is copyrighted in 1994 and as there is a SONG "Dawn to Dusk" at the end some editing/manipulation to the original video were needed. Thanks for the communications with all these great people in 1993 ! I wanna highlight Bill, Richard and Mark and in the auditorium Nadia and Lynton.... among others.This was one of the off-springs / outcomes: [link]
Unfortunately the UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA is not keeping pages from LYNTON CALDWELL ajour. But you can go from here: [link]

Maybe there are different levels of service and dedication !???? and we should revisit the function of PILOTs or LOTSEN in times of sooo many "Captains" and "Entitlement" buddys these days..

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