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 ITB: Sharing or Service Economy !? and how to see the I, "us" & "others"....
picture picture picture picture picture 3 Mar 2015 @ 18:32, by Heiner Benking

The ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) [link] opening press conference was this morninig. The ITB includes interesting conferfences and side events, focus on indigenes and handicapped - and even many ohters.

check later -- the signet might be controversial- I hope ... I have just studied the world map of the World Academies - and whoops .. there is a difference most of us ignore.

Before we focus on Tourism and LifeStyles, maybe have a second look at WORLD MAPS. A concern I have for some time: Map Literacy and Map Ignorance ! update 2006: [link] original paper: [link]
Many people neglect and ignore, but should not Science and Tourism have a more trustful, trouthful, fidel, ... view on the big picture and across scales !!
inter-sectoral, inter-cultural, cross scales and times ..:? [link]

I was mesmerized by hearing on of the main themes this ITB Berlin Kongress:
Zuhören, mitreden, teilen [link]

Beside me always citing "sharing, caring, daring" = wissen - wollen- wagen
I haved recently updated this article on Dialogue ans Sharing: ​ So maybe enjoy and come back ....

This "sharing and caring" is very dear to me... before I move on, maybe you like TED Video by Riane Eisler: - where the tradition of also mentioning the "daring" is another story, and this interestingly meant different cultures/civilizations!

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