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picture picture 2 Mar 2015 @ 16:12, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday, March 1st was FUTURE DAY, and again like last year there was a HANG-OUT to meetup and share among friends and aliens....

Same as our hangout last years: [link]
Little changed. Still institutions like the World Resources Institute | Making Big Ideas Happen working on six critical goals that the world must achieve this decade...
I focussed last years on MDGs and SDGs - now the challenges of expanding beyond isolated Goals, Challenges, Problems, Issues, ... are getting more obvious. But what is the progress since Rio 1992 ?
I can only make you revist the recommendations on page 3 ***** and come back, as the issue to go beyond clan-think, group-think, silo-think, sector/disipline-thinking is more critical and relevant than ever.

So please come back.. and check:
The Millennium Project, 21 hrs ยท Washington, DC, United States
GFIS Participant Re-post: Let's say the evolution of the specie happens with Transhumanism and that the 2045 Initiative were to achieve its goals. Will machines be immune to health issues (i.e. are upgrades, hardware, security issues pertaining to hacking, mining of earth materials required for hardware, memory, and functionality not considered part of the "health issues" of a machine?) Answer it here:

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