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 Richard von Weiszsäcker - an eulogy and some reflections...
picture picture 31 Jan 2015 @ 19:33, by Heiner Benking

One of the most decent and deep people I had the pleasure to meet was Richard von Weizsäcker. A decent man, a Diplomat, and with values and stringent as you can see in some interviews when some people did not get what he said. He was later in the Magnus Haus in Berlin, in Berlin on the Parkett, and in the World - always decent and as his son said always "remaining calm". I had a very long exchange with him in Frankfurt in 1998 or so, at on of our "Club of Budapest" Events/Encounters. He was on the "edge" of accepting Honorary Membership in the Club of Budapest. [link]
It was a time I will never forget, but **** the Dalei Lama, Gorbachew, ... where around and on Topic was "THE NEW THINKING" das "Neue Denken". [link]
Meeting him ver 25 years here and there, for me his accepting Membership in the "Club of Budapest" was one of the elemets to keep silent, keep on trucking, even when the fights aroud the Club where heavy and too often, under the belly, as I feel needs to be revisited as original thoughts like "The Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest".

I have met sons like Albert Speer and Richard von Weizsäcker supporting their father, like "unconditionally" and with clear values and ethics in place.
The history of fighting in the trenches of the credibility and visibility of celebrities, we called it honorary and creative members, still needs to be told, as there is some learning about how to deal with "peers" and "others".

This is work in Progress - I only hear now the message of him passing away... but I feel it is the right time to speak up about how we connect, how we unite and find allies, how we compromise, and how we avoid refusing aliance or overcomming alliance once granted......

on Febr. 11 note the Berliner Dom and Waldfriedhof (on invitation) or check the media.

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