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  Pitching, Pledging and Gifting into a New World ?
picture picture 30 Jan 2015 @ 13:00, by Heiner Benking

A college, Tom Atlee has send yesterday his new article: Gifting into a New World. Highly recommended, but I responded immediately that gifting was part of many cultures in the past, and nowadays its seems to be more fashionable to share, splitter into parts, rent and lease…
I often heard that we do a “gifting circle” but for me it was always an “open” gifting and surprising circle, that is why we called it 20 years ago “magic roundtables”. As some of you might already know our Magic Roundtables and the Spoons, Feathers, Beads, Sticks, … Sharing … You might want to check this out later.

Nowadays and very naturally the ego perspective is “on" or fashionable, it is the “me” and the “us” – ignoring the “others” and their perspectives and having only a very local, narrow and episodic view. It is very "normal" to care for yourself and your vicinity, as it is obvious that that your underwears are closer to you than your jacket, but it is not enough to live only with one "eye". Check Multiple Eyes and Senses in this blog.
What I am referring to here is to look with various viewpoints and views, developing not only “Microscopes”, but Meso- and Macroscopes, holding various multi-modal positions and perspectives instead of getting lost in an ego-maniac tunnel-vision "worms-eye". I recommend this about group and societal pathologies: [link] check also mindbugs and mindboogles at: [link]

The Club of Rome in 1972 in his fist diagramme in the Book Limits to growths [link] used a grid (Fig 1 - schema as above) [link] , to show the time-scale and special scale of considerations and definitely not only politicians (4 years), investors (1 year?), CEOs in public companies (3months) have their narrow awareness and attention span. (more? check: Pointers to Possibilities.)
But what we need is a broader picture in shared frames of references, along view, big picture and how we cultivate the Commons and not the personal gains and turfs. This is again a long story…. Maybe start with the Synopsis of Elionor Ostroms work and vision done a month before the received the Nobel Prize in Oslo (PDF) and what I referred to as the need to develop antennas for time horizons and perplexing issues – maybe the Cognitive Panorama and Cognitive Spaces are good point of departure:

This week I attended a “BAR CAMP” – one of these very fashionable sessions where people present in 1 or 2 minutes their “pitch”. Fantastic, you get a broad array of proposals, ideas, solutions, … and it is much better than our conventional gatherings, where you sit and listen to a speech and a podium of invited speakers. In such a bar camp you can even add ad-hoc contributions, and in contrast to the conventional events, participants are active and can learn a lot, not only with whom to network !
One of the organizers was to explain it to a guest, by saying: “It is like an “Open Space”, but shorter!” and I had to follow-up with that guest, as it seemed like there is some reflection needed. I called it once: Citizens Sciences meets Armchair Sciences. What is done nowadays and is very fashionable is what is known in the Literature Worlds as “Poetry Slam”. You get your time-slot and get pushed from the stage. A modern form of ShowBizz. And to be clear, I liked that Bar Camp evening, it was rich and intensive, and people who would never had a chance to meet learned where others are and how they are “ticking”.
But in the end due to the time constraints, there is a cultivation and optimization of certain ideas, the winner takes it all, but isn't there more possible when the pitches have a chance to build connections, when the intentions, constraints, objectives are more clear and “pitchers” can see how ideas and projects can connect, and this potential is discussed in broader circles.
This is what I explained about what Open Spaces are, how they are done, why they establish a market space, and leisure time at the bar and pool, to give surprise and news a chance !! and come in a closing circle to agreements, commitments, action with follow-up. See the Open Space Technologies, this interview with Harrison-Owen, the Open-Forum - and maybe in this blog about "Peanuts Sharing and Eating"... and below some [more]:

This can even go much further ! Groups not only collect ideas, goals, or project proposals, but to see how they can connect and support each other. One example I always present how the European Commission has identified in their funding strategy sessions projects which can reinforce and connect single solutions towards a fabric which is much more supporting, resilient and wider towards an agreed goal, for example supporting Handicapped with ICT solutions or how the MDGs are studied by groups of EastEuropean Youth groups to come to win-win-win solutions instead of supporting ivory-tower, one sector endeavours/solutions. The methods of Structured Dialogic Design to explore deep drivers and harness the “Wisdom of the People” instead of getting lost in ego-, group-, or clan-think was presented at this Global Youth Confererence / Academy in Geneva some years ago… and maybe what I called the need for a NEW COVENANT and about Collecting and Connecting the dots of “BIG DATA” and “BIG NOISE”:

So what we are still doing is optimizing niche solutions without looking for the context and frames of references, the values and visions, means and ends in mind, cultivating our short-term ego and group-think and ignoring cultural and deeper issues. See: Ignorance or Compassion?

Coming back to the ENTRERENEURSHIP SUMMIT Magic Roundtables after Speed-Pitching and Speed-Dating in their “OPEN SPACE” over the years… and the presently ongoing voting for slots in a very interesting programme of the bpb
I need some help there as I feel we should such issues as above, about giving and sharing, giving voices and encouragement – having a “Philanthropic Moment”.

I am presently referee/evaluater of a bachelor work in the field of library sciences. The students evaluates ways to share and gift books in the BookboXX system, which is a European vocational training and cultural exchange and community building project. Check INBAK - Institute for Sustainability in Education, Work/Labour, and Culture at the English Flyer:
The whole issue of bartering, giving, gifting, leasing, renting, sharing is thanks to the virtual ways, means and currencies" presently undergoing rapid change. So I feel it is timely to discuss such matters at the bpb conference mentioned above.... it only requires some "voting" .... ....

Also add / review: Interview: Gifting Economy - SCHENKENDE WIRTSCHAFT

under the announcement we already have 2 notes.
I recommend the message from Franz-Reinhard Habbel, with whim we have done some Magic Roundtables / Rundgespräche in his Innovators Club:

Franz-Reinhard Habbel | 29.01.2015 um 18:11
Magic Roundtable
Eine sehr ambitionierte und erfolgreiche Vorgehensweise in der Kommunikation mit immer wieder spannenden Ergebnissen. Habe selbst an mehrere Magic Roundtables teilgenommen.

Franz-Reinhard Habbel
Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund


Heiner Benking | 29.01.2015 um 12:07
Offene Schenkkreise und Ermutigungs- und Erörterungs-Kulturen
Gifting in a New World
Wir führen derzeit eine weit angelegte Diskussion zum Thema: Sharing - und/oder Teilen ohne Annahmen und Erwartungen, also SCHENKEN ohne es gleich "im Gegenzug.." irgendwie "zurück" zu erwarten.
Es geht natürlich immer darum was geteilt oder geschenkt wird. Ist es "endlich" - ist es dann "alle" oder wird es mehr je mehr es geteilt/geschenkt wird?
Andere Traditionen haben Perlen zum Verschenken gefertig, wir nennen es das Löffel- und Federn-Phänomen:
und empfehle neben einem Interview: Schenkende Wirtschaft:
diese Ankündigung by education-agents
und die MAGIC ROUNDTABLE Beschreibung mit Events und "Stimmen" in den letzten 20 Jahren:

Im offen Kreis könnte es solche Prinzipien gehen, aber auch was der nächste Schritt ist sobald wir "pitchen" und reden und zuhören" gelernt haben, und es im nächsten Schritt ums erörtern, abwägen, entscheiden gehen soll. Nur eine Empfehlung: GLOBAL AGORAs / und 21stCenturyAgora.


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