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 New Year - a long waiting pledge - Gestalt ? Corpus ? Body ? of WHAT !?
picture 1 Jan 2015 @ 22:42, by Heiner Benking

After my "Sharing piece" and the"Eight Eyes" last week I decided to bring in a series of short articles some of what I call „The Difference“ onto the paper – into the web. I becomes more and more clear that I have describe the critical elements – but also explain in a video-clip - and present learning and applications.

I confess it is old and new, so it is very critical to present what is meant by certain terms.
For example I often quote: Ohne Zusammenhang kein Zusammenhalt?
but I never really tried to explain what this entails. Below under [more] I copy what the dictionary proposes – and again: it is right and helpful but also misleading and wrong in view of how I use it.
We know with Terms like Gestaltung, Corpus, Body, …. a lot is meant by different people.... so let me explain as this is central to understand my „Cognitive Panorama“ [link] and [link] and my „blackbox / whitebox nature or how I called it in 1990 „Rubik'S Cube of Ecology. [link]

It has much to do with what we can understand under the terms Holism and Wholeness – check here our Wholeness Seminar and some early publications:

Ohne Zusammenhang kein Zusammenhalt?
When I wrote an invited essay 15 years ago for Culture of Refusal / Culture of Saying „No“ !
I had to learn that that title was already used 200 years earlier by Friedrich Fichte in his Address to the German Nation“ - „Rede an die Deutsche Nation“ Fichte did not used my second title but I feel we are very close here as I am not addressing the individual or meso-scale, but other scales or other eyes - see the 8-eyes spider article above.

Structuralisms and Humanism [link]

Ritter Humboldt [link] check frames: and hyperframes and Using Maps and Models, SuperSigns and SuperStructures see CODATA-MIST 2005: [link] and boundaries: [link]

We first need to differentiate between: closer – or broader meanings, specific – versus general meanings – wider or narrower contexts/meanings/applications.

Boundary- and Shore-huggers?

connection, rarely: connexion BE der Zusammenhang
context der Zusammenhang
correlation der Zusammenhang
relation der Zusammenhang
relationship der Zusammenhang
cohesion der Zusammenhang
coherence der Zusammenhang
interrelation der Zusammenhang
coherency der Zusammenhang
combination der Zusammenhang
connectivity der Zusammenhang
in connection im Zusammenhang
link der Zusammenhang
continuity der Zusammenhang - bei Fragefolgen in Interviews [Marktforschung]
interrelationship [tech.]der Zusammenhang
close connection enger Zusammenhang

Adjektive / Adverbien
cohesive adj. im Zusammenhang
in this connection in diesem Zusammenhang
in conjunction with im Zusammenhang mit
in conjunction with in Zusammenhang mit
in connection with in Zusammenhang mit
relating to in Zusammenhang mit
in this context in diesem Zusammenhang
in this regard in diesem Zusammenhang
in connection with sth. im Zusammenhang mit etw.Dat.
taken out of context aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen
contextless adj. ohne Zusammenhang
incoherent adj. ohne Zusammenhang
irrelative adj. ohne Zusammenhang
linked to adj. in direktem Zusammenhang mit
to implicate so. in sth. | implicated, implicated | jmdn. mit etw.Dat. in Zusammenhang bringen | brachte, gebracht |
to pull together | pulled, pulled | in einen Zusammenhang bringen | brachte, gebracht |
to be associated with sth. | was, been | mit etw.Dat. in Zusammenhang stehen | stand, gestanden |
to be linked to sth. | was, been | mit etw.Dat. in Zusammenhang stehen | stand, gestanden |
not to be connected in any way in keinem Zusammenhang stehen | stand, gestanden |
to have no bearing on sth. | had, had | in keinem Zusammenhang mit etw.Dat. stehen | stand, gestanden |
In what connection? In welchem Zusammenhang?
in connection with any action
im Zusammenhang mit irgendeiner Maßnahme
in connection with the proceedings
im Zusammenhang mit dem Verfahren
not associated with
nicht im Zusammenhang mit
in connection with such protest
im Zusammenhang mit einem solchen Protest
cohesion der Zusammenhalt
solidarity der Zusammenhalt
team spirit der Zusammenhalt
coherence der Zusammenhalt
strong company enger Zusammenhalt
social cohesion sozialer Zusammenhalt

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