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 Multiple Eyes and Senses - and how to understand and oversee what is relevant
picture picture picture picture picture 31 Dec 2014 @ 16:13, by Heiner Benking

thanks to this outstanding TV-Documentary on ARTE: [link]

20 years ago someone told me after my contribution "CONCEPTUAL SUPERSTRUCTURE - [link] - COMMON FRAMES" [link] : "There is knowledge in there, why do you hide it".
Maybe I felt long ago that I have time - maybe all needs to be implemented and tested - but "WE" have no time ! I looked over "papers" I did the last 30 years and realized, yes, I do not dare to overwhelm people and more hide in vague or new terms and with lots of imagination and curiosity needed. But I also realize that the texts where ok, need some editing and polish, can improve by presenting them in a Corpus, and not in pieces, as I mention Parts and Pieces hiding bigger pictures and potentialC in the entry above about SHARING.

I feel it needs showing and sharing and doing what I mean. Me ? 3 eyed? a Cyborg in the picture?
A lot was written about multi-modal, for example in "House of "Eyes" [link] always used the Eyes of the Mantis - Gottesanbeterin or check my admiration of the Chameleons [link] - friends/pets in my/the house over years in the 70ies .... But today, me, memerized, seeing in TV the ( eyes of spiders ) [link] and even some can see with infrared...

Yesterday I also saw interview with Mickail Gorbachew - he said he speaks up after 18 month of silence .... When MG introduced with "us" - THE Club of Budapest in Frankfurt 18 years ago !!? "The New Thinking" - Das Neue Denken" I liked it, but was skeptical - is it meant to unit or bring together opposites, bring down walls between enemies or extremes? or there more needed?
How could we make it real, beyond words? as words like icons fade, as stories and metaphors need to be grounded.

I have only recently found the series by Sir David Attenborough. He always presents unique solutions in Nature, like the spider eyes above, or my very favourite animal: A Chamaeleon. I had some in the late 70ies and have build a "Terrarium" to study or better observe them over longer periods. Sir Davids presentation is one of the highlights oftelevision for me. He answered many of the questions I still had and I am very thankful as I realized what I do with my multi-modal, multi-sensoral "Kunstgriff" is an approach of the raw model as Nature shows us with the Chamaeleon. 3 D cognitive models, high-tech, changing and changieren (still searching for a translation into English).

With Sir David also John Firn comes to mind who helped us around the Geotechnica 1991. [link] Well I need to revist the Global Change 1990 and the Geoechnica.. Lots to be learned !

stellt in dieser Dokureihe zwei Tiere gegenüber, die eine erstaunliche Eigenschaft gemeinsam haben. Um einige Tiere rankten sich schon bald nach ihrer Entdeckung wahre Schauermärchen. In dieser Folge betrachtet David Attenborough zwei Spezies, die dieses Schicksal miteinander teilen: den Gorilla und die Vampirfledermaus.

BATESON: New Antennas for extra dimensions and dynamics
ORWELL - stachowiak - spectrum **** !!!
Nairobi 1995 - Robust Paths ****

RUNDUM Sicht ***

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