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 Sharing !? do we mean: to share – loan / lend - or endow/donate/give freely?
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UNFORTUNATELY I could not get back to Berlin yesterday for the Innovation Cirle (Innovations Kreis) even when this was in my calender since long !
Collegues were inviting for the "end of the year" event where they again announce "time sharing" as one of the formats they wanted to introduce to the group.
I mentioned this effort some time ago in this blog and featured their "peanut sharing" not understanding the power of giving and encouragement for co-creation. One of the moderators even told me this with the units is anyway "rubbish" - "I moderate the group and they can eat the peanuts" - proving that they did not get the idea of true sharing in a "gift" (commons) economy-ecudomy ! You can read my sentiments here: [link]

On the way I came across an interesting advertisement by WorldVision [link] - Future for Children: Sharing is getting a new meaning, its original meaning ! #wirklichsozial
But lets not discuss something "new" as how can the "original" be new, but take it as a sign of a deep loss of social cohaesion and meaning of central order in our socio-cultural fabric.
So let us see what is the „true meaning“ for WorldVision, is it giving freely and unconditionally?, or just tending it for some time, rotating something?

This is a page on the basic competences needed for dialogue and participation: and please also check my background pages from OPEN-FORUM:

Being involved with "sharing-caring-daring" .....

Being involved with "sharing-caring-daring" which I quote like this for maybe 15 years, I had to realize that people sometimes mean to splitter and distribute, other times to lend and other times freely giving unconditionally.
In German based on the word "TEIL" (part) "teilen", "mitteilen", "zerteilen", "verteilen", "abteilen", "zuteilen", even "urteilen" have the obvious common "root" = TEIL, and this means in an embodied conceptual sense something very different, helping us to differentiate the various approaches to what we can do with wholes and parts !! may they be real or intangible....
And this is what this essay will be about!! Please note we are talking here in particular about imaginary, intangible, virtual goods and artefacts, creative information and commons and ways to communicate, empower, and co-create (as my sister in "co-creation" Barbara Marx-Hubbard coined the term 20 years ago!

I recommend "time-sharing in meetings" and scroll down to "Report on one Implementation" from 20 year ago....
This recognition by Antony Judge helped me to differentiate the sharing of material and immaterial "commodities" - here we called it tokens.
And I ask you to check this paper on the "Spoons, Beads, and Birds Phaenomenon".

and this draft about the confusion of such basic social concepts we should have already learned before going to school:

Is this the typical pondering before Christmas, or more? Is the sharing of a coat like St. Martin, cutting it into 2 parts, maybe a compromise and 2 people are only partly covered. But how about sharing meaning, information, attention, interest, encouragement?

This question is very dear to me ! I feel the context and the intentions are very important, but also what is shared ! Is a a good or entity which is „physical“ or embodied, is it real -so it can be „splittered“ into pieces, and when it is „parcelled“inot lots, can it be put together, lumped, or are the pieced consumed, eaten up, processed or destroyed?

UNESCO clearly distinguishes between tangible and intangible goods and artefacts.

Please see the paper with the title: The Spoons, Beads and Birds principle where I focus on Dialogue and Deliberations, what happens when we do more than only doing „Time-Sharing in Meetings“ but instead move towards a Sharing, encouragement, Empowerment, Co-creation, Enlightenig and make happy! Culture.
Please see the webpage on other competences and intentions in any kind of gathering and human exchange towards co-laboration and co-creation.

This are some sections of the Spoons, Beads and Birds Phaenomenon: check the website for more:

Pls also check: "Gift Economy" (Schenkende Wirtschaft) also: description - Altruism, Philantropy,...
Interestingly I wrote a similar article last Christmas: Maybe it is due the times.....

Another approach to the "matter": Basic Competences for successful Dialogue und Deliberations sharing – loan / lend - endow/donate/give for free
in contrast to “grant”

DEFINIITELY, some unique skills and competences are required and indispensable as requisites for successful Dialogue and Deliberations. I would like to add: Competences you should learn already at home and in Kindergarten. A friend wrote this highly recommended book: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulghum.

Dialogue more general was presented here:
To secure successful deliberations these Axioms or Systemic Laws are to be considered, but this alone is for the next stage in the process further explored here. Please read: Connecting Dots and Spaces....
Here we discuss prerequisites in particular the Competences 2-4 of Kindergarden education. We work within IHTEC around School Peace Gardens (SPGs)

sharing – loan / lend - endow/donate/freely give in contrast to “grant / giving unconditionally and for free without expectations or assumptions.
Tokens or any kind of “units” to embody time/interest have different meaning and symbolize very differently. The First Nations Indians with their Beads, Shells, Coins, ,,, but also Feathers and Spoons represent very different Meaning, create very different Attitudes and Composures and so different Behaviors.

We were struggling about the need for NEW SCIENCE. NEW LANGUAGE. NEW THINKING
and this includes ways to display, imagine, present ! (see general model applications) and also dialogue, deliberate, communicate, share, ...
and there this text comes in. How can we talk without listening, subsuming and resonnating, giving voice and respect and empower in groups? Thisis what this is about: 2 ears - 1 mounth, as I once heard in a circle....
maybe check out some "voices" after magic roundtables: or some events:


Spoons – Beads – Birds Principle/Phaenomenon


intangible article immaterieller Gegenstand
incorporeal chattels immaterielle Rechte
intangible asset immaterielles Wirtschaftsgut
intangible assets pl. [finan.] immaterielle Vermögenswerte
intangible fixed assets [finan.] immaterielle Vermögensgegenstände
intangible assets pl. [comm.] immaterielle Wirtschaftsgüter
intangible asset [finan.] immaterieller Vermögensgegenstand
intangible assets pl. [finan.] immaterielles Vermögen
intangible asset [finan.] immaterielle Anlage
intangible assets pl. [finan.] immaterielle Anlagewerte
intangibles pl. [finan.] immaterielle Anlagewerte
benefits from intangibles [finan.] immaterielle Erlöse
immaterial proceeds [finan.] immaterielle Erlöse
intangible items pl. [finan.] immaterielle Güter
immaterial investment [finan.] immaterielle Investition

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