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 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 - revisiting human space and time
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The Nobel Committee is again good for a great surprise, bringing central scientific and political and societal policy topics to the public eye.
Five years ago, with Elinor Ostrom's Nobel Prize I did an exemption, coverning an event I did not attend – see slides (PDF) As the Commons and her word over the years I focused on her work, also what we did later around the Commons Cluster around UN - ECOSOC: - also with special focus like environmental education:

This entry of the new Nobel Prize is an another exemption where I add my view from the "outside": This years awards is in medicine or better physiology! It is about human memory of space and time. How we store, remember and navigate locations and this helps us survive and cope with old and new environments and challenges. Please note, is the "body and brain view", not so much about mind and consciousness, the "GLocal", or about contexts and the socio-cultural, about agreements and the patterns and "fabric" of intentions, negotiations and actions across scales, sectors, and mindsets.

I urge you to check the laudation, scientific articles, videos mentioned in the links below and the laureats: Professors John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser. This is the award speech: 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Presentation Speech". Nobel Media AB 2014. Web. 11 Dec 2014. and check the poster.
Here are the critical terms and some of the new findings: Grid cells, Place cells, Boundary cells, Head direction cell
Check also: Körber European Science Prize 2014.

The results are some relieve and assurance for me, none of the outcomes, like the „inner GPS" ...

The results are some relieve and assurance for me, none of the outcomes, like the „inner GPS“ now discussed are to my surprise, but it is good to build on these findings as a good foundations of my own stumblings.
There is still a great need to look into a multi-3-D connected GPS (see 9-d overview orientation). All these local navigation approaches are appealing, but not enough!
And we do not even differentiate between flat or deep, when we only use the English term spa(t)(c)ial
It was to some relieve that modern physiology realized that we store also the „depth“ coordinate and that some animals need higher resolution – like bats and others are more flatlanders only roughly store the hight, depths or elevation. In the videos I heard since yesterday that of SPACE AND TIME in the Brain Unfortunately available only in German. [link] stands out and is very interesting as they still seem to have problems with coming to grips with the spacial navigation. Please check the texts for "grid cells" positional registration and ways to remember and associate/connect "impressions".
I remember talking to some researchers in the early 90ies who tested spacial navigation and orientation of rats in orbit, "payload" satellite experiments as there were some theories connecting the "vertigo" sense to gravity ! The Rats excelled in their ability even in "outer space"...
But this is 20years ago, today we hear about blind people can develop like a bat an echo sense and place the objects like we would visualize the locations. The blind young man: Daniel Kish - trained for years and can even draw maps from his sonar positioning ! and/or check: HUMAN SONAR

When talking about this I mention Herbert Stachowiak and his General Model Theory, maybe this needs to be revisited ! as we can create inner and outer models, models of real or virtual objects. And there will be time soon to look into augmented models and realities and what this has to do with agreements, dialogue and learning: and the challenges of Orientation in Sinn und Fluchtwelten! see also: Alte und Neue Räume, - Ordnungen und - Modelle für Orientierungen, Vereinbarungen und Konstruktionen

I still have to do some mote reading and thinking, before I write more, so please come back as some of the material are really of interest, but other stuff I read or saw - like videos promising the link to "Consciousness" were not getting far, but anyway, still very interesting.

navigation & negotiation
lumping und scales proportions consequences
ethics and consciousness with space and time horizon...

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