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 UN International Conference on Nutrition - Futures Prize by German President
picture picture picture 20 Nov 2014 @ 00:51, by Heiner Benking

Comming back from NAGOYA & TOKYO with little coverage in the Media) I find 2 crosscutting events on my desk: Nutrition and Nutrition - my point here: we are "rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic".Check: [link]

today:ROME: [link]
After twenty-two years the second UN International Conference on Nutrition. Da Silva says the world faces new challenges since the last meeting - 22 years ago.
World leaders have adopted voluntary guidelines to fight malnutrition at a UN summit. Two billion people, almost one in three around the world, suffer from deficiencies such as a lack of vitamin A, iodine, iron or zinc.
[link] check: The Food & Agriculture Spotlight [link] @oxfutureoffood @FAOnoticias — FAO Newsroom @FAOnews

today: BERLIN: Federal President Joachim Gauck awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2014 [link] on Wednesday, 19 November in Berlin. Guests from the worlds of science and industry attend the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology.
check: Dr. Stephanie Mittermaier, Dr. habil. Peter Eisner and Katrin Petersen with "Food Additives from Lupins - Contributing to a Balanced Diet and Enhanced Protein Supply" a process that extracts ingredients with a convincing flavor from lupin seeds for use in vegetarian and vegan food products. [link]

Nutrition is in the News in Germany, but what about our Education and Sustainability issue with UNESCO and UNU last week? We can get health and nutrition into the news - but how about holistic and complex issues?
If you check with GOOGLE News top ranking are from Africa and Maroc: HOW COME?

When are we going to address issues not any more in isolation in our "sweet" silos? Maybe check "Sectarianism of Science" Options Mag page 17-18, [link] : Ignorance or Compassion? [link]
and maybe Sectarianism of Media and Policy Making. I am a little frustrated in view of efforts the last 25+ years. Maybe check also: group- and clan-think and maybe we need to add "nation-think" and "institution-think" in the terminology and thinking of John Warfield. [link]

So how can we leave or I and WE position and viewpoint and go back to GLOBAL INTERESTS and COMMON FRAMES !? Who has a "mandate" and "voice" to speak up ! See GIGs - GLOBAL INTEREST GROUPS - in the right column of this blog...


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