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 UNESCO DESD Okayama - Nagoya - Tokyo & RECs & Déjà vu EXPO 2005 AICHI
picture 6 Nov 2014 @ 18:27, by Heiner Benking

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) - About: - DESD Aichi, Nagoya - {link:
Meanwhile maybe check the programme while all is geared here to series of events for a week in various locations here in Japan the fist 2 weeks of November: Programme

For about 10 days the academic, cultural, educational policy elites discuss "environment" in general in Japan, in the World at all scales, in every setting and household. Maybe what we called a "Cognitive Panorama Space" or check: CULTURE OF PEACE 1997 as we are just back from Hirohima ... [link]

What an all-encompassing topic if you consider learning and education in the widest possible sense, ranging from higher education, research, management to even life-long learning, kindergarten, school and vocational training.
The even discuss scales and frames, not just sectors and times and places, I am getting a little sarcastic here, but maybe the best start, even for something very old and new is "Now" ! Check the COMMONS Cluster Recommendations 9 and 10/2014:

Learning to live in harmony and not harming the right of future generations, the living kingdom/cosmos and the broadest level of survival for all.
I suddenly recall COP as a late eulogy (Copthorne Mac Donald) description [link] and his action segments: [link] link so lets see how we concert all action areas and objectives and come to overarching „winning“ approaches across sectors, cultures, scales .... hear-hear - but maybe also go back to the US AAAS & NAS 2001 Grand Environmental Challenges: description [link] A good point to start is in 2001 or 1988-1990 ! here: description [link]

But first here the links to the UNESCO ESD Decade and wealth of side-event and pre- and post-conferences in many places.... In Bonn in 2009 we had the 5 years mid-term international event and last month we „celebrated“ the closing of the German Decade activities, and now with an international gathering we try to get a wider perspective on all the aspects in many cultures over the last 10 years.

Is all Life in Circles !? I learned to what my and other peoples metaphors, maps, and models, so I have to strongly object to such an perplexing undercomplex oversimplification. Difficult terms? maybe check "our" ENCYCLOPEDIA: [link] - [link] .....
... pls check back and maybe try to contact....

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