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 World Health Summit - Ebola @ & Global Challenges and Crisis/Crises?
picture 19 Oct 2014 @ 07:41, by Heiner Benking

World Health Summit @WorldHealthSmt in Berlin, Oct 19-22 STREAM

I read on the wall in the Foreign Office Weltsaal: "Health is not everything, but without it everything is nothing witout health!"

Issues like Health, same as Environment or Security are central concerns for the international policy and management agenda. Same es economy, culture and education, security, finance, climate.... Just check the UN and its organisations.
The Secretary General of the WHO Mrs Brundtland, a Lady I really appreciated as being straightforward, was taking on the WHO after being the mother of Rio 1992 and being a Head of State and getting advise from very interesting bodies, like the ACGHR - Advisory Body on Global Health Research.
So how to structure and manage a UN-Organisation, have it funded approriately to face global epidemic dangers? This discussion has some learning for the drive, specially of countries like Germany to possiby establish a WEO World Environmental Organisation.

My first Point at this Summit: I will raise will be to look into Frames and Connections, Overlaps and ways to coordinate and check how we have the UN agencies have better Access and resources, but also better concert inside and outside, with sister organisations and the "rest": across scales, sectors, times, terminologies.

The Press Conference is soon and all is streamed,...

so stay tuned maybe meanwhile check the recent letter to HofS from the UN Commons Caucus (PDF) - the forthcoming letter we send out on the Occations of UNESCO DESD Nagoya in November (request please) and the articles and books we did around MDG, SDG, Challenges ot Humanity (Millennium Project) and Reynaldos use of Structured Dialogic Design (21stCentury Agora) approaches to look beyond silos and single problems and issues and identifying root causes and drivers. This is his book: Strategic Articulation of Actions to Cope with the Huge Challenges or Our World, A Platform for Reflection.
Beside the issue around "connecting dots and spaces" and deliberating and negotiating issues and perplexities, there is another publication dear to me: Again in the series around the Council of churches and environmental justice and reducing poverty this book and articles are of cross-cutting quality and revisiting positions, perspectives, issues, and frames: Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics, ECOTHEE Orthodox Academy of Crete, June 2008, Missing Context and Orientations in Modern Times and IGNORANCE OR COMPASSION? at PelicanWeb.

Here another recommendation to get going on the perplexing complexity of Policy across scales: GOOD GLOBAL GOVERNANCE
and the new book by Yehezkel Dror I covered a few month ago in this blog: Avant-Garde POLITICIAN - Leaders for a New Epoche without EarthLiteracy!?
When reflecting on all these efforts over the last 40 years I wonder if I should go today to the Foreign Office. Wouldn't it be better to move deck-chairs at the Titanic ...

It is getting here more serious now. We talk about crisis and quarantine. And a lot of situations come up. HOW LONG have been fighting for the term "crisis" to be used in official documnents. We were campaigning, speaking to "bold delegates" to use the term CRISIS in the General Asembly Sessions and Documents. Later also for example dhere around biodiversity and politics
NOW in 2014 the term "crisis" maybe used - but it is everywhere, in all presentations... and nobody understood why it originally was considered a "vague subject term" - needing to be substantiated and contextualized. And also how we deal and realise plurals its impacts and interactions: crisis, crises and challenges - like: future and futures...? we have to revist all the terms we often uses in singular and hide the plural.... ****(needs some thought and work)****

LOTS OF LEARNINIGS about words and concepts and what they mean, present, and hide ... - come back - as now Steinmeier is "on air".....

Most interesting and revealing was the Session on BIG DATA - good talks in the lobby and outstanding was the contact to the chair of the session: Sir Muir Gray. Impressive...

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