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 Net-Politics, Master Course, OnLine, UN-Democracy,... Barcelona & Birmingham
18 Oct 2014 @ 14:34, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday and Today hectic and full days, important and critical days in my "worlds"... But such is Life here in Berlin and mentally already half in in Nagoya I can only hightlight some titles and links. Besides, we "pushed" another letter by the Commons Causcus to Heads of States for Nagoya !

1) THAT IS INTERNET POLITICS: Das ist Netzpolitik! 10 years critical approaches to the internet and human rights by top movers, shakers, and insiders. I really enjoyed seeing buddies for years from CCC, WSIS, newthinking, ... but alos very interesting new people. Important and critical event - check the sessions ! and Speakers:
Some presentations were thoughtful - others have to make us think how to overcome the nightmare of an Orwellian "Monster with 5 eyes",or Sasch Lobo and the "World as an Airport"

2) The Masterdays2014 [link] in Library Sciences in Potsdam, I came too late for Professor Kuhlen, and it is horrible anyway in days of train-traffic strikes in Germany. *****

3) On Sunday the Journalist organized by my press association have a day for online 2014 [link] I recall World Press Center ****

4) and now Global Governance 2.0 - Wie machen wir die Welt wieder regierbar?

I shared the new Book from Yehezkel Dror
Avant-Garde POLITICIAN - Leaders for a New Epoche without EarthLiteracy!? [link]
and informed about our Letter to Heads of States by the COMMONS Caucus and there about point 3 ans Stuctured Dialogic Design. Well let us see what is comming out of this.

5) AEDES [link] - Vernissage about Barcelona RE.SET. The Work of the Enric Miralles Foundation [link]
and the Birmingham Library - Impressive ! Die Bibliothek von Birmingham und andere Bauten für die Öffentlichkeit [link]

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