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 Entrepreneuship Summit Magic Roundtable: pitching & beyond/exanding beyond me&we
11 Oct 2014 @ 20:36, by Heiner Benking

Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 #ksk14 I am just comming from the YOUTH AWARDS tonight - with lots of flags and great young ideas tackling old, big, deep questions... Social & Cultural Entrepreneurship !? A lot of big-mouth about serving or making profits, and if, for what. I confess I am a fan of this gathering of founders, inventors, enterpreneurs, funders and facilitators. We did over the last 3 years side events and I had friends like Marilyn Wilhelm to be inivited again and again over the years. Tomorrow - like last year - we facilitate our "Magic Roundtables" - see the video:Entrepreneurship Summit 2010: Farah Lenser & Heiner ... ► 2:12► It is in the OPEN SPACE venue at the Entrepreneuship Summit, where we gather at 11:00 am after the SPEED PITCHING to have these presenters exchange, respond and interact, listen, empower, co-create,... do something that "What really matters" WISDOM PAGES (PDF) see page 315-318 which links to "Orders, Frames, Cosmologies": and Sharing and Changing Realities and go beyond the "I" or "we" (COP - UNESCO Paris) and David Bohm Dialogues to a shared or common fabric we call in German Zusammenhang und Zusammenhalt I will not repeat my SPOONS and FEATHERS Phaenomenon / Principle or other papers over the years. See our handout at the Summit:

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