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 intergeo - AiF - Leibniz evening - Co:llaboratory: SMART COUNTRY
picture picture picture picture picture 8 Oct 2014 @ 17:31, by Heiner Benking

yesterday and today.Top interesting events and symposia.
1) 20 years intergeo. [link] I could not resist to see whos is around and how the mapping and geo- industries developped over the last years. Having invested lots of efforts into a "marketplace for the Earth" - the geotechnica 23 years ago **** I still see some old faces... and this commumity is different or unique. They are aware of scales, levels, frames, thematic overleighs and neighborhoods, fidelity, geo-statistics,.... and many other means and approaches I use ad a "map and model-maker" but which are strange or at best unknown to most people in other fields.

Tell the story of grid and frames ...****

2) Next is the 60th anniversary of the AiF [link] is a unique research network for interactive research of mid-sized companies who partner typically with academic and industrial research. The moderation made very clear that this strong mid-sized, pragmatic research and cooperation is unique and has been very successful over the years.
I left after the OTTO VON GERICKE price award. 3 interesting projects were short-listed. 1) separation of heavy metals from waste-water, 2) mycological analysis to identify fungi in foods or grains in large scale, easy identification analysis 3) zink-coating for steel-structures FEUERVERZINKEN = hot-dip galvanizing in any concrete-steel reinforcement (armierung) in bridges or any such building structures. Given the 10.000 bridges to be renovated, having to be repaired with a life-time of 30 years, when the construction has a life-span of about 100 years, depending on the exposition....
I immediately thought about the constructions world-wide and that the Köhlbrandtbrücke KOEHLBRANDT-BRIDGE [link] over the ELBE in Hamburg was brought near to me. I was working during the construction of tunnel and bridge in the early 70ies and now I learn that the bridge has to be torn down, rebuilt !! A life-span of 40 not 100 years....
No wonder, this is the first prize given the scales, proportions scales and urgency involved... check her the video presenting the winner: YouTube: check Feuerverzinken: hot-dip galvanization

3) Last yesterday is the Leibniz Society assembling politics and Sciences at a parliamentary evening to discuss the Nature-Culture nexus. SCALES and Numbers are central central in the wonder... as we discuss bio-diversity now for decades and soon cultural-diversity is on the "table".

4.) Today, Thursday: SMART COUNTRY - The Internet & Society Co:llaboratory [link] is presenting its 10th Inititiative. results: [link] check #SmartCountry
see the project document in ENGLISH:

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