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 FONA, UNESCO - DESD, and UN World-News
picture picture 24 Sep 2014 @ 21:40, by Heiner Benking

Strange times...
We are gearing towards education for sustainability UNESCO - DESD next week in Bonn and we work towards this - the last 10 years - and now look in FONA 3 making it thrive the next years.
In paralell we gear since week for the UN Climate and GA sessions for the next years, and then we have BAN and OSAMA at UN-television....
I need to sleep ! Come back later - I have just shared our UN COMMONSE ALLIANCE LETTER widely: [link]

Also check FONA: [link]
I made a lot of notes about STIG STIGSON and his statement: There is NO GRAND DESIGN and legislators and administrators "muddle in the dark!" AND the personal introduction my our Sentor/Minister Prof. Johanna Wanka.

Check also what we did at FONA around FUTURE TOWNS - FUTURES DESIGN .... [MORE] !!!

And I attendet the SAUDI CULTURE week tonight - I feel we need to bridge the boundaries and speak - even after years of silence... No COMMUNICATION is very dangerous...

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