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picture picture 18 Sep 2014 @ 10:41, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday was a very special day for me _ I really enjoyed a session with Max Haiven at the HERTIE SCHOOL OF GOVERNANCE and later the festive event for 5 years KULTURWEIT with our Foreign Minister Steinmeier.

Max Haiven @MAXHAIVEN has Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power, Capitalism, Creativity and the Commons: ZED-books and was invited to Berlin for a session in the HERTIE School and published to prepare SLOW POLITICS , November 13-15.11. 2014
Creativity, Cogition, Arts, History, Politics, Power, ... such a whirlwind of very wide topics I seldom encountered, we even discussed "Points and Frames of References" and the Exchange was deep end build up on the various concerned contributions ! I mentioned: COMMON FRAMES of References (PDF) -also mentioned in this blog twice this week (see below).

We had a great session with themes ranging from BIG DATA and Cultural Trust and Community Exchanges/Currencies for the Commons. My theme and everybodies theme and interest in the deep. I really liked his range of reasoning and concerns and as I had looked into currencies for the "intangible" - credits to empower and enourage, community building with "other" currencies, like Wampum Beads, but also Shells and Stones, ... I call it the "SPOONS and FEATHERS" Principle / Phaenomenon (PDF) description (work in progress), I had to come .... and I feel it was a goo decision ! Follow the links and check in for SLOW POLITICS in November. I was also recalling our LIVING DEMOCRACY effort mentioned in this blog, which was unfortunately cancelled ... maybe taking place later....

"kulturweit" is a project by UNESCO initiated by the FOREIGN OFFICE - celebrating 5 years and meeting to movers around Culture and Politics was good ! even Frank Steinmeier stayed longer as on many other of his many speeches and interventions he has to survive every-day WORLD-WIDE.... I mentioned Martin Kobler - now with the UN in Kongo - memory times... and it was a good exchange ...

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