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 literaturfestival & Vision Summit: WeQ and IQ?
picture picture picture 10 Sep 2014 @ 16:41, by Heiner Benking

Two top events start tonight. The 14th literaturfestival Sept 10-20 and the VISION SUMMIT Sept. 10-11.
I have seen twice Jeremy Rifkin twice already this week, and the other keynoters are "known" - so my decision is clear, Literature, Games, Digital Society, World in Turmoil and SNOWDEN, Martin Luther King and TRUST. As always very wide and deep cultural, aesthetic, intellectual sessions/events. A MUST GO !! Check the programe !!

I will now go to the DIGITAL SOCIETY roles/functions/impact of computer games.
The protagonists of games, computer games, are speaking from practical experience, food for though, regarding competences and meta-level approaches. Food for thought, even for someone like me, who never played any such "game". Some studies are out and are highlighted in this years theme: Digital Society.
Terms used make sense to, also that film got some tme to get "accepted" in society. The idea that a game designer is like an in-betweener movie-maker/regisseur is appealing. Can the "homo ludens" develop by playing games with positive ends? For me it is still like this deadly war themes, like in films.
So do we need to revisit the mental mobility and multi-modal/-perspective side of games? poly-ocular...***?

Come back... as I know to the education guys who will definitely oppose such virtual end electronic "learning".....

The VISION SUMMIT again this year is well attended ! The separation into WeQ and Social Entrepreneurship as as 2 themes for the next years is on the horizon for the VISIONs SUMMIT !?

I have some concerns about the terms and intentions.

1) IQ means Intelligence or Intelligence Quotient? [link] ?? so what is WeQ? Is it the "We IQ" ?? and how are we going beyond numbers and symbols?
2) Is the "We"-Intelligence a new "group" intelligence? is this something about smart, group "intelligence"?
3) how about the "intelligence or "smartness" of "others"?? And can such Groups or Clans learn cultivating their "Silos" or "friends"-gatherings?
4) I did a presentation at the CLUB OF BUDAPEST - MembersMeeting at UNESCO Paris 1996 ?? about me - we - ypu they - others models [link] of a "Positional and Perspective Optics" and around that time at WFSF
maybe we should revisit OPTICS OF ETHICS 1995 [link] WFSF 1995 See also "House of Eyes" ISSS 1996 [link]
5) we speak about group-think and clan-think ... and spread-think pls check: John Warfield: [link]
6) Are the "WE" "assembling" in magnetic-portals nowadays !?? Check Humane Information Society [link] and maybe tormorrow: Open Learning - OER ! [link] and the discussion about sharing "big data" or exchangig "wise" context/Situation specific knowledge.

7) Is the WeQ only a term to form community - another of these great VIOSION SUMMITS in the past where "commons" met / meet !?

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