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picture 9 Sep 2014 @ 07:35, by Heiner Benking

Jeff Jarvis is on this morning. He zoomed into Gutenberg - but is this enough to ponder the pros and cons.
I wonder if he read Giesecke: Mythen of the BookCulture and Visions of the Information Society. Unfortunately only in German? Mythen der Buchkultur und Visionen der Informationsgesellschaft. [link]
I will show it to him in a moment: METHODS [link] and this "sources"/Quellen but also ON DIALOG [link] the Figures used in Giesecke: [link]

He speaks about "good fences and good neighbors"....
Later Elizabeth F. Churchill speaks about big and small data, what is expressed and articulated, what makes up the meaning..... Product versus Process Personalization.
She speaks about spatial and behavioral, temporal and faceted.... scrutinize model what how and when.... Designing Human Data Interaction.
After Olov Renberg on Behavioral Analytics and Big Data Biometrics now Karlheinz Brandenburg is the new discussant about the Challenges and the need TO BE CAREFUL !! He mentions dangers and risks, and the discussion is about the "hen an egg problem": what to regulate when it is vague in futures to come, and about freedom and control.

THe next session is about design. Carlo Ratti just says: Never predict the Future....

Next session is on DESIGN - even "design thinking" check the Programme and the Speakers. one Statement caught my Attention: After Form follows Function, we come to an Age of Form and Function follow Context and Emotion"- well that Needs discussions !!

Ben Scott is now on - looking into screening all data from a person... This needs discussion ! but also the sections on DESIGN and HOME. I recall "Democracy of Devices" and "Push every Boundary" ....
I am now in the ENTERTAINMENT session - waiting for JEREMY RIFKIN.
more later ...

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