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A top-notch technology and media-telecommunication event in the new CityCube Berlin [link] We have a New Temple in Berlin. Lots of concrete, steel and glass like the ICC. I come to see Jeremy Rifkin again was in 2001, a week after September 11. This was a very special event, but even then, few of the top-top speakers like HASAN BIN TALAL, could not make it, and we know why.... but Jeremy made it and so here he is again at IFA+, but also 3 other top-events, the American Academy and Vision Summit. So fasten seat-belts for an exciting line of events this week.

So back to the "NEXT LEVEL", a new event-format in the fields of MOBILITY - HEALTH - BIG DATA - DESIGN - HOME - ENTERTAINMENT
maybe check first the link and start the the Next Level Of Thinking: The internet of things
IFA is creating a separate conference format entitled 'IFA+ Summit – Next Level Of Thinking'. Mobility ... it is like a quality and industry TED - but I might be wrong.
There is TED and TEDmed, maybe they could also learn from each other... and leap-frog, another term we heare here abound....

A lot of "buzz-words" new hipp words, and tech-hype - but words are very special to me: leverage, fusion, multi-modal, trust, smart ... - but how about intelligent, human, social and cultural,... - I recall

I recall Hasan Oezbekhan: "Can implies Ought" and I feel I should share tomorrow when BIG DATA is on the publication from SAPREJ-2012 a second volume with the prospective aspects are commming out with CAMBRIDGE Publishers in 2015. Intent is mentioned at the moment, how to "connect the dots" by SAJAL K.DAS - so maybe he likes my concerns about: Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, and Connecting in Times of a GLocal “Problematique”. - A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO COPE WITH GLOBAL CHALLENGES.

Commming back to the "NEXT LEVEL":
TOP SPEAKERS - no comparison to the typical TED conferences ! - So really special ! Not that I can agree with the visions and prospects presented, but in regard to the practical seniority and presence, IFA has collected - see their "THE FUTURE IS NOW" since 1924 - very interesting personalities.

I quoted in the break often "Can implies Ought" (Hassan Oezbekhan" ***** and two of my favorite quotes came to mind - both from Mark Twain:
"When we lost our direction, we doubled our efforts" and "When you think you know, but do not, you run into trouble".

There is after the session another prime event: "PITCH SESSION by Axel Springer Plug and Play". It is a"pitching" session in a new format ! It is a live pitching doctor course. First a primer by Roby Stancel, than a few pitches with immediate discussion by a team of 6 jurors. WEll funded by pubkishing houses - it is an extra even after all the Entrepreneuship Summits I attended over the years. Highly recommended, check the competition and the winners.... But also we should revisit the Open-Space section at last years Entrepreneurship Summit - I need to document the pitching trainining by Simon Jochim and our Roundtable with the "pitchers" in our Magic Roundtable Format....

Interestingly there is not Conference Life-Video and no twitter feeds, so we better start: #@IFA Summit !!

They say the future is coming faster and we have to create it, but do you really know where to go, and what the means and ends imply and for whom?
I like these citations, maybe you too !?: [link] oryou move-on to or !? Well - let me know....

While I am partying now and later gor with on eof the speakers: SAJAL K. DAS to the evening lecture with JEREMY RIFKIN at the Allianz Foundation invited by the American Academy in Berlin....

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