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 Media Arts&Sciences Worlds - Academies symposium & UN COMMONS drafting
picture 1 Sep 2014 @ 13:48, by Heiner Benking

If would only have 2 lives these hours and out times.... There is a top Symposium about Media with the German Academies and in parallel we draft letters to heads of State in the UN ECOSOC COMMONS causus working Group on TITAN PAD. As I would like hightlight the common themes and challenges I include here 3 bullets for the discussion - draft letter. Anyone interested can go to TITANPAD: and/or read my Points below !
The letter/document to the HEADS OF STATES will be published here in early September 2014. Well here it is: (Sept 15 inserted): [link]

But maybe also check tweets at #medialewelten and the Geman DIGITAL SOCIETY effort:

more later - I have to tweet and party, make the telephone conference now !! and tour the exhibition in HAMBURGER BAHNHOF - the Arts Exhibition place in town.
The Letter to HofS is in the working, letter/check:
FINAL VERSION added Sept 15: [link]

This is the chapter I am busy with: (the full letter and link as available publicly or on request)

Ø Another thread to tackle and consider in addressing highly diverse and complex issues across sectors and scales, in addition to cultures and languages, is that of looking into the frameworks or superstructures and conceptual scale-models needed to outline and develop “common frames of references” as Noel Brown, then the Director of UNEP North America, requested after Rio ’92. [link]

We suggest that you could look at the following webpages for more information about this:

1. “Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue“ for the Earth Summit 1992 [link]

2. Contextualizing, sharing, negotiating Meta-information – later called meta-data in projects under the auspice of UNEP-HEM. GeoJournal: - 1990 HARMONISATION [link] First UNEP-HEM expert meeting: [link] and 1992 Access and Assimilation: Pivotal environmental information challenges: [link] See also: “Pointers to Possibilities” [link]

3. Revisit Structured Dialogic Design and the 21st Century Agora approaches from the 80's to explore interlinkage between problems and issues, recognize deep drivers, and leverage points = where to intervene in systems.

4. UN-AMR 2008 recommendations for additional information: [link]

In a nutshell: we recommend some old approaches and concepts translated into the new media, internet, visualisation, modelling, and deliberative processes to link and strategise the Millennium Development along with the Sustainable Development Goals and to make use of their supporting qualities to harness “win-win-win" approaches.


Lines in titanpad: September 1, 2014

HEiner: I have 3 ideas/recommendations: 1.) share global covenants or frames of references as a key recommendations. One recommendation after Rio 92 by/with Noel ...

Noel Brown, at that time UNEP-RONA. I HAVE PUT IT ALL TOGETHER ON ONE PAGE. See yesterdays blog about models an learning, representation and communication andco-creation of issues across scales in context.

HEiner: 2. revisit Structured Dialogic Design and invite WAlter Bogan, NYC and Alexander Christakis to check what early Club of Rome reports 1969 1970 were about and what is w the 21stCentury Agor's movement. see I m happy to add details, but maybe better revisit my recommendations from the UN-AMR 2006

HEiner: Explore, negotiate, invest again into multi -ciltural, -lingual, -sectoral, -temporal, -perspective, -positional, -modal, -signsystem, -model, -scale, … approaches as were „kicked-off“ EEE/ (G7 – OECD) experts and managed under the umbrella from UNEP-HEM in the late 80ies/early 90ies. Concider „Conceptual Supestructure“ – „Cognitive Panorama“ design approaches: Check some documents:

HEiner: 1990: First report expert meeting und the umrella of UNEP-HEM 1990: [link]

HEiner: 1990-1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers, GeoJournal: - 1990 HARMONISATION [link] - 1991 ACCESS and ASSIMILATION: - and also re portals and switching systems: [link] - 1996 TKE - Terminology, Concepts, switching systems, ... [link] - 1992 ICSU-CODATA [link] and also ICSU-CODATA 1994, 1995, - 2005 …. check: [link]

HEiner: a more recent activity: INTERNET and SOCIETY, Humboldt-University Berlin: [link] - or this article just in reprint with CAMBRIDGE SCHOLAR:

HEiner: Maybe check this „collection“ on a „learning list“ in 1999: [link] - and this most recent on BIG SMART DATA !?: - - [link]

HEiner: For more and broader approaches see [link] and the /culture­, /education/,/futures/ … directories. A good starting point for more is this google search-window, searching for example for „Renaissance“: „renaissance“ click:

HEiner: „NO WALLS“ 4 powerpoint slides from the UN Peace Laureats gathering in Berlin – also mentioning COMMONS Elinor Ostrom might be the easiest approach to digest and tackle without getting lost in undercomplex „quick-fixes“: [link]

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