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 DIVERSITY CHARTA - Charta der Vielfalt
picture picture picture picture 28 Aug 2014 @ 19:44, by Heiner Benking

Highly recommended - parallel to the anual Ambassadors - Botschafterkonferenz 2014 there was the signing of the CHARTA [link] in the Foreign Office and we have since yesterday the 65th of the UN.

Charta der Vielfalt
It is an initiative around diversity management, gender, nationality, orientation, religion, intercultural dimensions, ... [link] - Check: [link] - [link]

The press "signing in" was in the connex of the ambassadors meeting every year. Highly recommended to learn that these people work hard and connect, even without media and the public.

"Besides" we have since yesterday high time in NYC at the High Level exercise at the United NAtions. I can only attend virtually.... Maybe you also want to "attend"?: United Nations ‏@UN Continues today in NYC - #UNNGO2014 Conference - see @UNDPINGO & [link] for updates.

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