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 Ice Bucket Challenge arrived in Berlin
picture picture picture picture 22 Aug 2014 @ 04:18, by Heiner Benking

We saw Bill Gates in US television last week VIDEO: Bill Gates takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge description [link] and yesterday in Berlin has with ALS- Hilfe ( ALS-Help ) its comming out.
Initiative Hilfe für ALS-kranke Menschen: ALS-Hilfe
YouTube-Channel der ALS-Ambulanz:

I am mobile on the way to a press event this morning. We go to the ALS ambulance in Berlin where Dr. Thomas Meyer has pointed out already 10 years ago to Christoph Chlingensief a very courageous patient: Angela Jansen who is invited to come today. My collegue Farah Lenser has founded with Angela Jansen and others little later a German "self-help" association ALS-mobil e.V., where such persons can mingle and communicate, get help and advise to travel or organize their lives.
In the nomination for an Engagement Price [link] by the Association of German Foundations writes Angela exactly about this challenge ! I uploaded here the press-release by the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen Geben gibt !! and the text by Angela for her nomination:

8 years ago we had COGAIN 2006 - Angela Jansen Virtually in Turin - with a great thanks for Dr. Meyer, enjoy: Angela keynote and the PINGO ERGO SUM presentation of Angela in Rostock, which made it even into German television to ttt - Titel-Thesen-Temperamente - PINGO ERGO SUM
Enjoy some videos and check the CHARITE site [link] and maybe visit Angelas website: and ALS-Mobil e.V. !!

The long (5 Minutes) version is available at my German Blog: BenkingNews, enjoy !

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