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 European Eco-villages - butterflies - 40 yrs Globetrotters - World Soccer 2014
picture picture picture picture 13 Jul 2014 @ 21:54, by Heiner Benking

what days and nights the last 2 weeks - we "celebrate" and share & care, trying to make a differnce by serving not only in "eco-communities" but as elders and sevants...
I just return home after days/weeks 21/7 - what an exposure..... outburned - since only a few times before.... reincarnation again and again as a buttetfly is real labour but has its merrits....

above sre pictures from the ECOVILLAGES Night and 15 Years Ago, celebrating Rio+ 5 or 10, I need to check. This was at the UFA-Fabrik where we gathered around PNW, POOL, and Youth-Leader...

The Butterfly map is a real treasure for me. See the links on in-betweener ***** and PNYV , *****

Returning ftom Belzig:
After the Near Death OPEN SPACE last week **** - I returned from 4 days ECO - VILLAGES: *****
Welcome to the ZEGG Community! - Intentional Community ...

It was like a friends & family reunion - what days and nights !! at GEN 2014

I missed most of 40 years GLOBETROTTERS **** but such is LIFE and I feel anyway ecovillages have more at

Quellen und vertiefendes Material finden Sie unter folgendem Link:

we are preparing for LEONARDO 3.4.5. - so check next week - negligence and ignorance in view of the challanges and dilemmas we face since long... [link]



GLD [link]

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