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Attending the German Network for NAHTODERFAHRUNG NEAR DEATH STUDIES part of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR DEATH STUDIES. Top interesting also International presenters and workshops - and an Open Space we facilitate as Open-Forum [link] - Check the Netzwerk page.

A twin "celebration - jubilee" around a church and academy - 40 years near-death research - 10 years Network Near Death.
We are doing here only an event, an Open-Space - check the docu later and come back...

It's Sunday and we are again in a Church, for a "modified OPEN-SPACE" this time in Westfalia, you remember Westaphalian Peace ? Long time ago but needed as after the Medivial Ages.

All in German - sorry ! but maybe next time in Asilomar or at the Mondsee, Salzburg.? Meanwhile check IONS - AIZU (below) and this NEWCIV site.

What I share in sessions? Consciouisness Studies, The Cartographer of Consciousness Brian Hort in OMNI Mag 1980 - check chapter 4 and 5 of this proceedings: Metaphors, Life-Like Agents, Imitation & Embodiment, Analogies. Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents: An International Workshop at University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Japan, 6-10 April 1998 My presentation had the title: Sharing and Changing Realities with Extra Degrees of Freedom of Movement

Participants are very concerned and somehow very special. With their experiences they are aware of different perspectives, speak about the personal, inner perspective, lets call it the normal experiential perspective, and the perspective from a "high stand" which is not embodied, but real. I feel at home, as this is somehow a "me" and "we" perspective and has positions connected to it ! - so we can communicate about it - share it - negotiate experiences and perceptions. I speak in work-out sessions and in the Lobby about the EYES and Positions and I feel many more people are getting me here, more than in any other community I saw in my travels. Anyone interested to gig deeper? TO SEE WITH OTHER EYES - translation not finalized yet !!

Some participants talk about HUGO KUECKELHAUS as a lot can be visited here at his "home" I also feel very much "at home" description and someone even saw the similarity in appearance between Beuys and Farah Lenser our Moderator, so this really like am appealing, haunted, whole and very special place, with a group of very dedicated, commited and warm, authentic people discussing <>NEAR DEATH Experiences and what you have taken in when returning from - What!? - Where? .... - all this in California in the 60th and 70th... well you get the story...

When you look into the CHIN and CHINA this seems like "micro-scope" and euro-centic, but so what? My antidote is maybe a "macroscope"! as an add-on !! not a panacea but an "Optic also for intangible issues"!!! check GIGs ***** as we discussed in ASILOLAR 1998 *******

We discuss Given and The Non-given ... and I remember Friedemann Schwartzkopf and his ECOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - highly recommended. Unfortunately he died much too early ....

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