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 Ernst von Weizsäcker: An Environment, Climate, Energy & Policy Pioneer
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Celebrating today the 75th birthday of Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker on June 25, 2014, the following book has been published in English: Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (Ed.): Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: A Pioneer on Environmental, Climate and Energy Policies – Presented by Uwe Schneidewind, Pioneers in Science and Practice, vol. 28 (Cham – Heidelberg – New York – Dordrecht – London: Springer, 2014)

Ernst's 75th brithday is today !!

The celebrations were organized by the VDW and the WUPPERTAL INSTITUT "CHALLENGE SUSTAINABILITY" site:

"Ernst" has been a dertermind man, who took chances, left offices, parliaments, universities, and started from scrath; fresh from square one in unfamiliar terrains, like one would find in California. Professor Töpfer mentioned one of the his key qualities as, leaving old tracks and starting fresh, even though he's moving against the wind and surrounding himself with "aliens"... and friends - like a serving diplomat in view of the stars and visions...

I feel we should speak up on such a great day. We looked deeper into leverage points and challenges that we face when it comes to resources we had and unfortunately lost, misused or applied at the wrong time or in strange places for strange reasons or attractors.

We discuss here conceptual and temporal frames; what important issues...

Oh, DROPBOX is ringing, I've received some pictures from Michaela that she took while attending the ROTES RATHAUS townhall celebrations, 10,001 times thanks. Maybe you'll also enjoy some athmospheric, one eyed views from the "lobby" during the "breaks" : [link]

MEMORY TIMES: I remember sitting with Ernst on the bus to KFZ Karlsruhe in 1987 or so, we both next to each other prepared our presentations at the last minute. Mine was, as usual, without little texts, but instead utilizatibg tons of overheads. Ernst did the keynote and luckily stayed to attend my presentation: Possibilities and Limitations of Data-visualisation with Computer Graphics in the Environmental Sector . I caught his attention as I spoke about VISUAL DEMAGOGY (PDF) and the dangers of manipulation, as we have done before at WCGA 1981 proposing infographics.

Ernst later wrote a letter to Wolfram Huncke and me (I just remembered him), about reanalysing such mattersof what we call today media-demagogy. Well the letter must be still on Wolfram's desk, but around the 80th and 100th Robert Jungk celebrations we got in contact and I recalled the story about Bob, Heinz Haber, " (Planet in the Sea of Time) Planet im Meer der Zeit ". Later we shared with Wolfram Bobs 80th and 100th birthday and stories after stories without pictures !

Today we share Ernst for a whole day, I am thankful and it comes to mind that I am dead tired of writing eulogies, really tired of how to ADD 5 cents only later, so way not start today to get to real deep dialogue and deliberations. This is another story about sharing-caring-daring, check Magic Roundtables.

For me it becomes quite clear that I will tell such Stories around people like Ernst now, not wait, as there was so much to be learned for example around *HOPE* - Help Organization to save Perestroika - Hilfsorganisation Retted Perestroika. Maybe I should collect more stories about such encounters, for example with Anthony Judge, Robert Jungk, Ralph Siu, Elisabeth Mann-Borghese, Richard Stallmann, Anatol Rappaport, Christine Weizsaecker, Robert Mueller, Saul Wurmann, Donella Maedows, Rudolf zur Lippe, Otto Schärli, Elinor Ostrom, John MacConnell, Franz Nahrada, Farah Lenser, Johannes Heimrath, Kayserling, Franz-Josef Radermacher, Marilyn Wilhelm, Ervin Laszlo, Sunil SenGupta, Bernhard Harrer, Walter Bogan, Mark Davidson, Barbara Vogl, Franz Alt, Herbert Arlt, Eva Quistorp, Klaus Saur, Béla H. Bánáthy, Kim Veltmnan, Christoph Schlingensief, Ingetraut Dahlberg, Christian de Laet, James Wellesly-Wesley, Alfred Schinz, Charles François, Pentii Malaska, Felix Unger, Michael Giesecke, Arnold, Wilhelmine ud Manfred Keyserling, Rolf Kreibich, Bazon Brock, Kim Veltman, Nathan Keyfritz, Franz Nahrada, Hans Fischer-Barnicol, Reginald Földy, Frederick Mayer, Jay Steven Kline, ... let me later check and update some other names here as there are far too few woman, our dear EVA QUISTORP (second-line) would immediately observe.....
It's just a grim late night thought that I might have, in my past life, been a story-teller ! Why? I have a grim "finding" or strange discovery on my desk, I was thrown out of the WIKIPEDIA User-Space and not only in the main Wikipedia, as happens to many people!!, by "terminator-deleter squads" as TONY Judge called it. Such grim personal affairs are happening, See Anthony Judge: Abusive Wikipedia Biographical Editorial Process I was "deleted" because I am considered by an Anonymous source that I am a notorious, widely known "vanity". ***** as safed and stored for teh record of "someone". (I had to look up the word in the dictionary) AND MAYBE I SHOULD BRING IT UP ! because how much insult is possible to be stored "eternally" and saved in the web of CYBERIA )know or unknown to the person inflicted, and what about rights to be informed and defend personal integrity in the public light? I will send this to WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION requesting some "ENLIGHTENMENT" and how individual options ought to be protected even when USER_SPACES are widely considered "sacrosanct".
So maybe I should be playing "vanity" and create "drama" as I never did such an ego show like with the pictures above - and it feels strange, but I feel a feww issues need to be tabeled, not neglected and ignored, pushed under the table...

Oh above got a little too long and I need again a "wordsmith" editor - but will start collecting annecdotes, stories and pictures to help us remember - and to protect integrity and help us against such cyber-constablers - not to deceive ourselves and others by visual, virtual, lingual, actual demagogy!!!

July 3rd
It takes some deep reflection and time to to come to terms with what is going on and what happened the night after Ernst's birthday. Some people at the party saw me as intruder and trespasser - someone you put into jail into jail or shoot in the US, somehow same like diverting water....
AND at the same time I was alerted and remembered the warning og a frien of by bad reputation as "free-wheeler, obsessive vanity, ... notorious SELBST BEWEIHERER - I remember there was "something" 10 years ago or so. My friend asked me taht this is not usual that private user spaces are deleted and people get charactera assassinated with calumnies.
I realized 3 days ago that night that there is "no right to forget" in the internet also applies to me and that these abusive reputation "killer squad" in an institution I like very mcuh and had lots of contact to sice early WIKIs in teh mid 90ies by WARD CUNNINGHAM: [link] - So these "terminators" not only make such discussion public, but save it on their own pages or blogs for the "record". [link] copy: [link]
In a court case I could have google take it from the index, but it will stay forever. I hade lots of discussion about fidelity, trust, negative examples of "reputation killing". Here is one !
Meanwhile I have received some nice "food for thought" - for example form Yehezkel Dror - see this blog July 1st: [link] Yehezkel sites from his book, so it looks like an old - new story: [link] in the book of Yehezkel.pdf

That night I was mad ! I had learned that when you are with people you know and like, and they like you, that is the test ! so I asked for a little photo coverage of the breaks in the Lobby of this unique birthday party !

I will follow up on this on "" [link] - as I will send this for to WIKIPEDIA for comment ! but also follow up on some people I have lost or are still with us: "for the record and for "stories to be told" - good idea !??

Add: ****** NOTES..... Ernst and Ashok *****
bruessel Bonn
MP Paschen TAB ITAS ***
GI 1987
FAW -Wuppertal Inst.
Herrsching Starnberg...
Franz ...
Sept 11
MP !! ***
Bob Jungk

Strong &
Club of Rome ****
dropping everything...

WIKIPEDIA and CoR Story: Washington, Moscow, Salzburg, ... ************

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