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 EuroDIG 2nd day & Eulogy for Frank Schirrmacher
picture picture 13 Jun 2014 @ 06:33, by Heiner Benking

EULOGY: Frank Schirrmacher [link] the media-doyen who concerned himself very much about the impact and influences of the Digital Age on Democracy - what this means for our autonomy and identity - has gone. He died yesterday, its all over in the National News today here in Germany, read the Newspapers.
I did agree with his concerns about our "Societal Aging" - he called the Methusalem Komplott and some of his other dossies and "urges". I feel his stance on our theme here at EuroDIG is very well founded and should be carefully revisited/reviewed. He was one of the "early birds" in the German media the last 20 years, dying much, nuch to early.
[link] I will try to add here some English voices a.s.a.p.

Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet check the LifeStream !! follow also the Tweets, Sites, ... (come back)

On now is the State Secretary: Stefan Kapferer
I invite you to check what is up around "CAPACITIES, CAPABILITES, COMPETENCES" and the HUNANE INFORMATION SOCIETY as discussed 20 years ago... this is a contribution when it was already dead, as it was "early early" and we always search for new hypes and jargon. Maybe check GLOBAL LEARN DAY 1998: A Humane Information Society or Information War ? - Reflections about Societies, Cultures, Human Potentials and Tools such as: Filters, Brokers, Agents, Knowbots, and Maps.

By the way this was all done with CISCO conferencing since years back then. Here a Timeline on Virtual Conferencing: (even including early steps like "what is telematics - starting in 1981), to show how long it takes to get solutions widely accepted and how critical it is to set the stage and frames and not miss critical elements, functions, features, benefits,... or create artificial "boundaries", semiphors, or "guard-rails"... as nature only knows resilience, permeability and change, nothing final, bixed, boulded in linear fashions...

__________ back to the keynote of the day:

KAMFERER is right that there is no panaceda ..... but should we not look deeper and wider before we try all this "foresights" and "outlooks" !? (rushing - maybe chech EuroDIG from yesterday) He also mentions the Factory and Industry 4.0 - so I wonder how long this term is "in town" !? Does it include the Life Cycle view? Are this really solutions to which can be scaled are sustainable in the long view!? WHich materials are used and how are they recycled? Lots of questions Check: Robust Paths recommendation from 1995 should be revisited: [link] GLOBAL CHALLENGE

A lot should be commented about his keynote, but I can not twitter, gather, twinkle,... all at the same time. But maybe the link from below on OPEN GOVERNEMENT 2.0 & 3.0 some years ago: [link]

A lot of talk here about INCUBATORS and HUBS, but what is the history of the EXLORATORIUM in San Francisco? It was an all-senses plain plying field patterned after the German Pavilon 1967 at EXPO 1967 in Montreal designed by Hugo Kückelhaus. Hugo Kükelhaus was less concerned about carving out public ... of these stations made their international debut in the German pavilion at Expo 67
The EXPLORAORIUM which in my view was critical for all this SILICON VALLEY and "OUT OF THE BOX Innovatgion was to include all senses and have an Open-Space. It was much more than just a HUB for start-ups. Maybe politics should look at the roots before they fund wings !? I recommend to check the senses Recommend about From the Senses to Meaning, Reason, and Sensibility - From Culture to Cyberculture? (19969): [link] and frames! so we are not getting lost in hot-topics ! See OVERVIEW and ORIENTATION: not OVERCLAIMS and OVERSIMPLIFICATIONS:

I wonder when looking on all this START UP and INNOVATIONS business cases: What is the service provided, for whom and to which ends, in the long view !!
more on Institute for Research on Learning IRL - ICSI, .... and and ....

comming back to the key questions of this conference: How to suport the need to monitory democracy from below and across scales! and avoid surveillance from above.

My last recommendation check:
[PDF] Institute for Internet and Society
Crisis of. • Order, Orientation, Meaning,... Die Neuen Medien -. Kommunikative Gesellschaft ? Studium generale, Humboldt - Universität zu Berlin 17.1. 2000.

May 17, 2013 - Das Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG) sucht zum 1. ... Elisabeth Ritter-Düchting 29 Mai 2013 um 8:59 pm.
Google Humboldt Ritter Institute Internet&Society -"white ...
Nov 19, 2011 - DRAFT WHITE PAPER: Internet and Society Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Ritter Institute Humboldt Internet&Society -"white"-presentation "pitch" .... Die Neuen Medien - Kommunikative Gesellschaft ?


Chances and Risks of Social Participation - Living Democracy [link]

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