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picture picture picture picture 12 Jun 2014 @ 05:12, by Heiner Benking

Germany is the host country for EuroDIG 2014. Hosted by the Association of the German Internet Industry, eco and under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and in co-operation with the Federal Foreign Office.

Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet check the LifeStream

Join the discussions virtually and follow the tweets !
Maybe also check the IGF Internet Governance Forum as blogged yesterday (below)

Secretary (Minister) Steinmeier ist just opening the EuroDIG - He speaks about DIALOG and GOVERNANCE and the experience in Brazil about MULTI_STAKEHOLDER DIALOGES
he speaks about all participants lining up, all !! speaking each 2 minutes and jokingly comments about how difficult that is for some heads of states !! Well maybe we should more speak about time credits in meetings and what we do in the Open Forum since years.

broadly and openly as possible - he mentions review2014
See below (more)-and cehck his manuscript just made available!

Steinmeier speaks about giving every child a book and a laptop, he speaks about Big Brother maybe he likes (in this blog):

and building trust ! on a spectrum and with rules and trust ! SO LET US TALK AND SHARE ABOUT IT - as it transcends borders !
Industry 4.0 he also mentions - Did he check Stammtisch 2.0 and 3.0 with Government 2.0 later Open Government (PDF-GERMAN some years ago? maybe this helps in English: MYTHS, REALITIES, DIALOGUE& DELIBERATIONS 3.0 Here is his official Script.

Also check his press department and the new review 2014. [link] this site and logo signet is really a breakthrough in "worldmaps" and worldviews. After 15 years ai finally see some progress in worldmapping check also deep and flat worldmaps !!

Now Leneliese KROES is on, on Video - she explains why she is in Geneva, not Berlin, such is live ... so we really need mechanisms and formats to keep us ahead on "roadmaps for internet governance"

Net Mondial - janet Hoffmann is on...

she goes even beyond Democracy and Governance, she want to include HUMAN RIGHTS

Ivo: Equal Level - Equal Vote .... Again NET MONDIAL
Multi Stakeholder Panel without Civil Society Represenation !

polarized world NETmundial versus Geneva --- multi-stakeholder vs. multi-lateral fights need to be overcome !!

hype of NetMundial *****

they did in NET MONDIAL an OPEN MIKE - and experienced some "uneasiness" - no wonder - all this shop-talks.... they speak about substance and adoptions of standpoints. Did they deliberate and negotiate, weighted and reconciled !? I wonder as I am having my "glasses" on !

Besides are relevant ressource and sustainability symposia in Berlin at the at the ESMT [link] and in Hannover the **** what can we do? Clone? CHANGE MINDSETS and SCHEDULES?
We had the to maintain some oversight, but this is all gone...

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EuroDIG („European Dialogue on Internet Governance“) ist eine seit 2008 jährlich stattfindende europaweite Diskussionsplattform für Fragen der Internet ...

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