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 GOOGLE-Factory opening - Challenges - Governance Forum
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 11 Jun 2014 @ 16:21, by Heiner Benking

Plenty of Challenges: Opening the Google Factory, Internet Governance Forum, Technology Possibilities.
I enjoyed and wondered about the exhibition arfound GOOGLE GLASS. Devices abound. Which device should we use? For the fun of it ! ? Or is there more to be considered, more than feasibility, funtions, features, benefits,... benefits for whom !? check #igfd

I first think about "Can implies Ought" Grand Challenges, I cited below from the Virtual Library (enjoy) !

and later we had great Parties in the garden, after the rain..

During the Day: IGF - Internet Governance Forum

It is about multi-stakeholder governance, policy, security, rights and surveyance,.. and and - many players arond World Summit of Information Sciences WSIS
- again a deja vue - days and weeks we spend around Geneva and for Tunis, also in Berlin in the Foreign Office. I think I will add some lessons and views after we sum-up the IFG below.
and more later and tomorrow as we we are just warming up for the EuroDIG tomorrow.

Not to forget Eric Schmidt form GOOGLE was speaking to the crowd in the garden. I will add some pictures a.s.a.p. He will be on television tomorrow, full interview on PHOENIX television 14:00.

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